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Hashimoto’s Patient Resources

Hashimoto’s patient resources: download a free Hashimoto’s Diet Guide, book a free 20 minute Skype consult with me or join my Hashimoto’s Remission Mission newsletter. More resources will be added constantly!

Education is the first Step to get You closer to Remission

Every once and a while I will post free audio resources for you so that you can listen to, or download them.

I will share my best mental models, concepts and ideas with you that have helped me to become symptom-free and well again

My aim in sharing these powerful and liberating concepts is to empower and enable you.

Updating your mindset is part of the inner game of getting Hashimoto’s into remission. Adopting new views, beliefs and values are part of this.

Learning healing skills like AIP cooking, reading labs and gut healing protocols is the technical part of the outer game of healing Hashi’s.

All my content aims at getting your inner and outer game to a level of capability that you can confidently execute loving self-care that get’s you results.

The Inner and Outer Game of getting Hashimoto’s into Remission

Download MP3: Why Hashimoto’s Patients need to grow up and take responsibility

The Hashimoto’s Patient Manifesto

Download MP3: The Hashimoto’s Patient Manifesto

Why Hashimoto’s Patients need to adopt an Opportunity Mindset

Download MP3: Hashimoto’s Disease as Opportunity

Accelerating Your Healing Journey with the Hashimoto’s Remission Mission

If you want to stay up to date with empowering and enabling Hashimoto’s resources be sure to join my regular and free newsletter.

Free Hashimoto's Patient Resources

Free Hashimoto’s patient Resources: I am here to support you all the way.

Through my newsletter, I will inform you about the latest developments in the area of Hashimoto’s treatment in the 21st century.

Included are:

  • My eBook “The 6 Steps to Remission Report” to inspire you
  • Short tips on personalized lifestyle medicine related treatment strategies and tactics that will get you results
  • Invitations to free Hacking Hashimoto’s Expert Webinars 
  • Updates on topics like nutrigenomics and epigenetics and related to Hashimoto’s treatment
  • Mindset tips on how to beat the victim mentality for good

Topics like nutrigenomics, functional diagnostic testing, clinical detoxification, gut health, supplements and exercise routines that will get you closer to remission are all on the schedule.

When there are new books available from Hashimoto’s experts in the functional medicine sphere you will be the first to know!

I am in personal contact with most of the experts around the globe and I am writing book reviews about their work regularly.

 Top 10 Functional Medicine Home Runs PDF

This is a great paper Dr Mark Hyman wrote for doctors that are not yey practising Functional medicine.

I suggest you print it out and you give it to your doctor saying this:

“I am interested in this treatment approach, are you capable and willing to give this a try? I’d like to work with you in a partnership.

I don’t expect you to fix me but I need your professional help as a doctor so that I can do my best to heal.

I’d really appreciate your cooperation and support. Thank you very much.”

Dr Mark Hyman calls it “Things that help you treat nearly every person who walks into your office.” Please download it and share it with others that might benefit from it.

functional medicine treatment for hashimotos dcotors guide

Dr. Mark Hyman, is one of the most highly trained, if not the most highly trained, Functional medicine physician in the world.

It outlines a concise overview that will enable any doctor to become more skilled in helping their patients getting their health back on track.

It’s short, concise and practical.

You can download the report here or click on the image above.

The topics cover the basics of optimizing nutrition, magnesium and vitamin D deficiency treatment plus various gut healing protocols.

The Hashimoto’s Diet guide: a free Hashimoto’s Patient Resource

Getting your diet upgraded, to a thyroid-friendly one, is a crucial step to getting closer to remission. I can help you to get started…

Read more about this approach in this article about the Hashimoto’s diet.

As a bonus when you sign up I will send you regular tips, tricks and hacks to get the best nutrition possible to heal from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Get a free 20 Hashimoto’s Health Coaching Call with and ask me anything…

Matt Dippl

I’d love to hear your Hashimoto´s Story in a free 20-minute coaching call. I learn a lot from other patients in my free calls.

I really enjoy doing these because they create community and connection. I am doing these because I would have loved to speak to someone at times.

Before we meet I will send you a very specific questionnaire so I will be able to help you by answering your most pressing questions. If I can…

Talking 1 on 1 to other Hashimoto’s patients is a passion of mine. It’s so important to learn from each other.

You build community and find inner strength by opening up about your own challenges.

Book your Skype call via Calendly here.

Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Please follow me via my social media channels. It´s a no-brainer…

Please like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. On Instagram, I post my latest cooking recipes in a nice picture format.

All my new posts are shared via most of the social media channels and I am using twitter to interact with other thought leaders.

And if you like, leave me a comment below to introduce yourself and ask any questions. I´d love to hear from you…

To connect with like-minded individuals can be a fast track to remission!

The Functional Forum: a great Hashimoto’s patient resource

The Functional Forum was started by James Maskell in New York to further the Evolution of medicine.

James is hosting free educational events all over the world so as to inspire and educate doctors about Functional medicine.

The regular Functional Forum is being live streamed so that all over the world every chapter can join in to listen to the latest research and news that are happening in the Functional medicine sphere.

If your doctor has not been exposed to a Functional medicine approach to treating Hashimoto’s connect him to this resource.

And he might be moving towards adopting a functional medicine approach to help you.

Join the Hashimoto’s 411 Patient Facebook Group today!

A community is an amazing asset in the 21st century that is available to you as support.

Connecting with a crowd of people that are going through a similar challenge as you gives you access to an incredible peer group.

In my opinion, the first step towards healing consists of overcoming isolation.

Free Resources for Hashimoto's patients

The Hashimoto’s 411 Facebook Community. A powerful free resource for Hashimoto’s patients

When you authentically share your pain, fears, and challenges with others that are open to listening to you is an act of healing in itself.

When we hold in our pain it eats us up from the inside. Join the Hashimoto’s 411 Facebook page.

It’s a no-brainer – it’s free and you will love the support, trust me…

If it’s meant to be – It’s up to me!

Take this line above as your new mantra. Stick it up on your fridge, next to your bed and on top of your toilet seat if you need to.

It all starts in the mind and with the way you look at the world.

So do yourself a favor and check out some of the suggestions above! And don’t forget to sign up on my email newsletter.

It’s going to help you a great deal.

We live in truly amazing times and so many resources are available that can help you to get better.

Every day you don’t take action towards remission is another day is lost. You can get better!

Get moving and always focus on what you can do,

Matt Dippl, B.H.Sc. IFM


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We Have Been Featured In & Presented At