Something People don’t know about me… I was a German National Champion in Shaolin Kung Fu

“A cowardly man thinks he will ever live if warfare he avoids; but old age will give him no peace, though spears may spare him.”Viking wisdom

Here something a lot of people don’t know about me. I thought its fun to share. I was a German Kung Fu champion with 18, travelled to China to visit the Shaolin temple, and have a video on Youtube in Chinese showing off my kung fu skills with over 20.000 views. 

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Training in Chinatown Sydney, under Chen Yong Fa

When this was taken I was 21 years old and it was during a training session in an ancient Training Hall dedicated to the “Choy Lee Fut” Kung Fu style going directly back via 5 Generations to the Shaolin Temple.

The badass voice is the background is from my former Martial Arts Teacher, Dit Da Hit Medicine Specialist, Medical Qi Gong Master, Chen Yong Fa who as the “Keeper of the Style” is being treated as a national treasure in Guangzhou Province.

His family lineage is known to have been very active in the resistance against the suppressing Qing Regime of Nothern China in the south during the 19th century. Choy Lee Fut was known for its ease of use on the Battlefield against multiple enemies.

Martial Arts can Save Your Life – Real Story below…

In one situation during my study time in Sydney Australia I got into a street fight with 3 thugs that wanted to rob an innocent person. Due to my skills, I was able to get the thugs to run off and prevent the other person from getting robbed. I was very thankful to my teachers and proud of myself that I could do that.

As of today, the Choy Lee Fut system as taught by Chen Yong Fa is one of the few Kung Fu Styles worldwide that still holds authentic weapon systems training going back to the Shaolin training method.

Getting back into Martial Arts Training as a Path in Discipline

After a break for over 18 years, I am getting back into my martial arts training. As always when I do something in any endeavour in life, before I start, I ask myself if it is something that is worth spending my time on.

Especially while building a business and having a family the time factor gets more and more important. If it is a clear “YES” then I make sure I get the best guidance possible.

Learning new skill whether that is in martial arts, business, or even online marketing you want to make sure your chosen teacher has the goods that will deliver what you are after. Don’t choose your teachers in life light-heartedly.

The Art and Skill of Meta-learning or How to Learn Anything Faster…

When you decide to learn I advise you to go “ALL IN” meaning learn with putting your heart into it and understand that learning a new skill will take time. Then, when your heart is in it, study with intent and focus to acquire the skill you are after with diligence.

I decided to become more serious again about traditional martial arts training because for over 11 years it had been a daily part of my life in my youth.

After my intense time of training which got me travelling around the world to Poland, Chile, Australia, and even to China from 1995 to 2001 I went to University, graduated with a degree in Traditional Chinese medicine and got involved in a business, hence my focus shifted away from training daily. Still, I reaped many rewards from my training in life: discipline, focus and determination.

Now I have the conditions again to train more regularly and I am in the process of finding a teacher who is qualified to teach what I am after sound health, the ability to protect loved one’s and my friends and to create a strong heart/mind/body connection.

In this regard, I think authentic Shaolin Kung Fu can deliver in this regard. For me personally, I always preferred martial arts training to go into the gym or lifting weights. There is more purpose in it for me to master the art of a tradition. But of course, everyone is different.

The Bodhisattva Vajrapani as the Protective Deity of the Shaolin Tradition in China

A lot of folks don’t know this… The Chinese version of the Bodhisattva “Vajrapani” (Sanskrit: Diamond in Hand). In Mandarin, he is called “Jingang” and he is the main deity who is worshipped in the Shaolin Tradition.

A bodhisattva is a person in the Buddhist tradition that aspires to reach enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings and he aims to achieve this goal through unending diligence and strength in pursuing a mind that is free from anger and ignorance, and through self-cultivation is filled to the brim with compassion and wisdom.

Vajrapani is the embodied wrath, strength, and energy of the Buddhas who fiercely stands up against aggression to protect the Buddhist teachings, its practitioners, and all sentient beings.

What have you recently picked up again that is important to you?


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