I love Marketing and Sales!

As a digital marketer, I am helping SME’s in the health sector to craft their story, build an authentic brand and strategize to market it via the most fitting and accessible channel for them. On autopilot… Hello, marketing automation!

Learning how to communicate to get what you want

Marketing is a really fascinating topic for me. In the post below I will share my experiences with marketing and sales with you from different points in my life and the learnings I gathered from them.

I believe that the skill of marketing and sales is one of the most valuable skillsets one can learn in life. The better you can market and sell, the better your quality of life will be.

Every day I contemplate the quote above because it is so profound. Marketing is all about communication in the written or spoken word, as an image or via a video shared on social media.

I have been involved in digital marketing since 2008.

Tip #1: “The quality of your communication determines the quality of your life.” Dirk Michael Lambert

How to become a top salesman in 6 months

After graduating from University in 2007 the first job I took on was a salesperson for an American sports and supplements retail chain in Canberra. In the beginning, I had my reservations to sell.

The training I received was based on an “upsell, upsell and again upsell” methodology. I was not comfortable with it. I needed to find another way how to make my mark in the company.

I opted for the approach of “sellucation”. In this approach to selling you first ask them what their challenges are and listen intently. Then you educate them on the solution and offer fitting products.

Luckily I had a University education in the health and wellness sector. It was easy for me to get into a conversation, ask the shop visitors questions and then confidently shared the science behind solutions.

After 6 months I was the top performing salesperson on the floor and the best part was that not only my manager was happy, even the customers recommended me on to family and friends.

Tip #2: The most powerful way to sell is the “Strategy of Preeminence“, a term coined by Jay Abraham. To excel in business you need to become a trusted advisor to your client.

Learning the art of lead generation

I opened the doors to my first integrative Chinese medicine clinic in 2008 and I needed to get clients fast. So I set up a Blog, wrote some articles and tweaked the SEO of my site to get traffic.

It was a steep learning curve I can tell you…

Backed then I had a great domain with acupuncturecanberra.com and it was easy to rank it on the first page. I successfully got targeted traffic and offered them a free consultation via an opt-in form.

This method alone got me new patients walking in my clinic door on a daily level. And the best part was I had an automated intake system that sent them all the form to fill out upfront.

This hack alone saved me a lot of time so I could see more clients.

My business was going well, unfortunately, I got overworked and needed to take more time for myself to recover. At this time it was the first time that the “time for money” issue stared me in the face.

Tip #3: You need a solid strategy to get targeted buyers for your product or clients for your service. This is the 1st step in business: lead generation. If you’re smart, it’s automated…

Moving from healthcare to digital marketing

Right then and there I decided to learn more about digital products, online courses, and e-Books. I studied everything I could get my hands on from Eben Pagan, John Carlton, and Jay Abraham.

Learning from these brilliant marketers inspired me to the core.

During this time I decided to work for a friend as a digital marketing consultant. He sold service packages for small businesses for lead generation, landing pages and Pay per click campaigns.

Spending time with him added depth to my understanding of lead generation, funnel design and conversion optimization. My ability to listen, which I learned from my clinic work, became very valuable.

I learned that the more I listened to my prospects problems, followed up by the right questions to deepen my understanding of their challenges, laid the foundation for offering them the right solution.

Because I offered them true help based on empathy selling them was easy.

Tip #4: Learning to listen deeply and with intent is the most important skill to develop if you want to become a top service provider or salesperson. So, listen first before you try to sell.

Affiliate marketing and jumping on the startup train with 7write.com

In 2013 my wife was approached by a friend of mine to join him in a technology startup in the eBook publishing space as a co-founder. A few weeks later they were on a flight to Amsterdam.

I sensed that they were off to an incredible adventure…

Because of my passion for digital marketing and e-publishing, I joined my wife after they were accepted at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam as a “writer in residence” for 7write.

Later on, I helped them to get a flood of book writing clients for their startup via affiliate marketing. We identified strategic partners, invited their customers on a webinar and then sold them.

It was incredible how much leverage partner webinars gave us to scale.

Making contact with 1 right person that was a good fit for our business led to over 197 customers signing up on the spot to our book digitalization program. This was the power of partnership marketing.

To deliver the service we had to get all hands on deck, and we even had to hire more staff to convert the rough book drafts into a digital format so as to upload them onto the sales platform.

Tip #5: Before you enter into affiliate networks to promote and scale your sales make sure your backend has solid processes that it can handle the service and product delivery efficiently!

Focus always on what you can do,

Matt Dippl, BHSc

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