Resources for Crafty Knowledge Work

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” Steve Jobs

On this page, I am sharing resources that I did find useful under varying circumstances. If you have any questions about how these resources might fit into your business please get in touch!


  • Zapier (make your life easier via digitalizing office processes online…)


  • Flux (get rid of bright monitor light to improve your sleep quality)
  • Spotify (Free electronic music to get into flowstates )
  • Ra-optics Blueblockers (use after sunset to block screenlight)

Business Model Design

Content Production

  • iPhone (it’s a content production factory… )
  • Call Recorder for Skype (record your Skype calls and interviews)
  • Xmind Zen (a good mindmap is an amazing asset)
  • Clickmeeting (host online webinars like a pro)
  • Camtasia (record & edit your videos easily to create premium content)
  • Snagit (Screen Capture & Screen Recording, images and video)
  • ScreenFlow (similar to Camtasia just a bit more technical)


  • Skype (talk to anyone for free over the net)
  • Slack (communicate with your team, and contractors, like a pro)
  • What’s app (just send them a message and emojis… ) 
  • Zoom (online meetings and presentations made easy)
  • Calendly (easily schedule online meetings through time-zones)

Data Storage

  • Dropbox (Store and share data online)
  • AWS S3 (Host video content in the cloud for fast loading speeds)

Design Thinking Process

Email Service Providers (Email Automation)


  • Be Focused Pro (a nifty tool to apply the Pomodoro method)
  • Trello (create your own team Kanban board to operate like a pro)
  • Google Drive (to collaborate on files easily)
  • Google Apps (email, calendar, and drive plus much more… )
  • Textexpander (sick of typing hashtags and support mails? )

Payment Processors

  • Paypal (just send the link and get the money – easy…)
  • Stripe (Who else want to take payments via credit cards…)

Value Proposition Design

Web analytics


DIY Themes FOCUS Skin (one of the fastest wordpress templates on the web)


  • Ulysses (my favorite writing app – thanks to Andre Chaperon!) 
  • Grammarly (saves you a ton of time to find typos… )
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