From Information Overload to Information Overlord

You are living in the information economy. If you are currently at the leading edge of our economic climate then I am sure you are aware of this: everything is going at high speed – your work in your email inbox, your interactions at work and at home with your family are taking place at break neck pace.

How to ensure that you are thriving in the digital Age

Your information uptake and brain function determines if you will survive or fully thrive in the current economic climate. If you truly want to thrive, and live a full life, a healthy body and brain are a must.

Accelerated Learning and Brain Health

We are witnessing an information explosion in all different areas of our life. The internet has made it possible to publish information to the globe at the push of a button.

In the case of us having a problem, google helps us to find fast solutions.

In his recent book the “4 Hour Chef” Timothy Ferriss has hinted at the fact that if our society is speeding up and challenges are becoming bigger, our capacity to learn has to become more sophisticated as well.

From Information Overload to Information Overlord

To achieve this aim we truly need a brain that is able to compute large amounts of data, and that it will ensure that we learn the essential parts of the information needed to solve our current challenges in life.

You have to avoid information overload and ensure that You process the information so that it is usable and applicable for you – hence, you turn into an information overlord.

Your overall Body Health and Brain Performance are not disconnected…

Lack of brain power results in low performance at work, at play and in our relationships. Face it… Brain fog is a huge problem these days for many people!

The brain is the master control unit that will determine how well our mind and body will work.

Here is the kicker: your brain will function the best if your whole physiology is fully functioning and fine-tuned. Your brain is not separated from your body!

The Body and Brain are not Independent but Interdependent

In the case you have a healthy body you will have a healthy mind.

Systems biology dictates that all systems are inter-related and influence each other.

If you want to get on top of all systems working together well start with the 7 steps below to hacking your brain health.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Brain Power

1. Consume brain foods – folic acid, vitamin B12 and phosphadyl serine (PS) Omega 3 essential fatty acids, provide the right building blocks for your brain to be built. Vitamin B6 and amino acids like tyrosine and tryptophan are essential building blocks for your neurotransmitters. This is a huge topic and I will go into it another time. Getting a gene test done can add focus on what your biology needs to perform best in regard to vitamins and co-factors

2. Ensure that your hormone levels are stable – Avoid high GI foods and cut out sugar from your diet this will ensure that your insulin sensitivity is getting more balanced. As well in this day of hormone deregulation make sure that your thyroid gland is functioning well (lab testing is needed for this) and then make sure your cortisol and sex hormone levels are adequately balanced – all of these above need lab work ups to make adequate assessments of functionality.

3. Keeping inflammation low in your body – this is a huge topic… cutting edge research points to the fact that your gut and brain are very closely related in the way compounds cross their respective tissue barriers. Remove any triggers of inflammation that makes your blood brain barrier get fired up. Just by removing gluten, wheat and dairy from your diet you are ensuring that your brain is getting sharper and the post lunch brain fog might become a distant memory of the past.

4. Ensure your gut is working well – A healthy gut and digestive system leads to a healthy brain. The gut is literally building your brain. If you have dysbiosis, SIBO or leaky gut this has to be rectified. A gut that is out of balance will create neurotoxins that will alter your brain chemistry. As well, most of your neurotransmitters will be built in your gut. So gut health is essential for peak performance brain health.

5. Remove environmental toxins from your body – Any toxic compound – especially heavy metals like mercury and lead – are poison for your brain. It pays off to do a detox 2-3 times a year to ensure that the capacity of your liver and brain is at peak performance. Liver detoxification is a science and it hinges on many balancing points. Detoxification is the most important skill to learn if you want to ensure that your brain will stay sharp and healthy for a long time.

6. Boost your Mitochondrial health 

Ensure that your Brain is up to face the Challenges of the 21st Century

If you want to get to the depth of it I can do a free analysis of your whole physiology via a questionnaire, and we can find out how to fine tune Your brain function. Remember if all systems of your body are fine-tuned the better your brain will function.

Hack your Brain Health by following the 7 Steps to Hacking Your Health

Optimized brain function is the key requirement to thrive in the Information Age. You will achieve more success easier with less stress. You will be amazed how your life will change once you switch on the full capacity of your brain thorough following “The 7 Steps to Hacking Your Health”.

Let me hear your thoughts and comment below…

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