Healing Hashimoto’s and the the Power of Words

Healing Hashimoto’s and the power of thoughts and speech: In this post I will write about a very powerful mindset and communication strategy for your daily life. The way you are communicating to others and yourself reveals your belief system and mental attitude.

What are the 2 most important words in Healing Hashimoto`s?

Good question… Actually it’s very simple. The 2 words are: “I can…”.

The ‘”I can…” attitude is a powerful method to transform your negative thinking and speaking habits into a more positive minset approach and communication strategy. That’s it.

To make it even clearer for you here is a simple example:

Are you challenged in applying your anti-inflammatory Hashimoto’s diet successfully? Do you feel unhappy in regards to the change of lifestyle that comes along with a drastic change of dietary habits?

How to change your diet with less irritation, stress, and frustration

Are you getting down on the fact that you can’t eat certain foods anymore?

I can relate… it really feels irritating to give up diary, gluten and sugar. They are pleasant foods that are creating a lot of comfort. But we both know it’s not good for you.

So what’s the solution? How can the 2 words “I can” help with mastering this challenge?

The solution: Focus on what you can do when you are healing Hashimoto’s

This is a powerful mental trick to make it easier for you to change dietary habits:

focus only what you can eat – it’s simple as that.

When you remind yourself of what you can eat you become aware of the richness of what is available to you.

When you train the mind to be appreciative and thankful of beautiful nutrient vegetables, nutritious and flavor rich paleo meals, amazing anti-inflammatory foods your feelings will shift from frustration to inspiration.

Healing Hashimoto’s: from frustration to inspiration

Once the inspiration is there your motivation to take action easily follows. It’s just how our mind works.

It sounds like a simple. And it actually is. This is why I tell all my patients that they need to focus on what they do.

The principle behind mastering “I can…” Is profound. It opens the door to make all other healing options alongside your diet much more profound and easy to implement.

It totally changed the way when I started to deal with my Hashimoto’s in a self responsible and powerful way.

Implementing “I can…” will help you too. I am 100% sure of it..

Do you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and suffer from a Victim Mentality?

If you are suffering from Hashimoto’s it’s very likely that you have low self esteem and a victim mentality.

To make you feel more comfortable… I certainly did.

I spent many days in bed and thought my world is ending because Hashimoto’s took my life away (so I thought…)

But I got through it and so can you! I kicked out the victim mentality and became a Hashimotos Warrrior.

The medicine that can cure you of Hashimoto’s Victimitis

Personally I think this might be one of the most important posts on this Blog.

I got so much out of this life changing topic that I am very eager to pass it on to you.

Because of the content in this post I am able to fully live the life I envision for myself, my wife and my whole family. It’s powerful.

I finally got my life back after I had been suffering from Hashimoto’s Victimitis for a long time.

“I can” is poison to Victimhood

I wrote this article in essence for my to remind myself of some very powerful truths.

If you feel like a Hashi’s victim too please do yourself a favor and read this post every day for 2 weeks.

It will give your mindset an essential update that just might unlock your mental powers from then on ever after.

It’s all possible… 😉 You can get better, you can take your health in your own hands and you can be the master of your own fate.

Your family and friends will thank you after and ask what happened to you. And of course – you can thank me later and tell them about this post. 😉

How to open up to the Possibility to Healing Hashimoto’s Victimitis

So again – I will now explain the principle in more detail. The 2 words you will need to fully cure your Hashimoto’s Victimitis are these two:

“You can…”

And to make it even clearer for you from your own perspective and inner dialogue:

“I can…”

I will explain to you why these two words are so incredibly powerful… In essence these words create possibility – the complete opposite to victimitis.

What are you thinking on a daily Basis?

For far too long after my Hashimoto’s diagnosis I told myself that I can’t do certain things, can’t get specific results with my health or just can’t experience and create the life that I wished for.

I believed what I told myself deep inside on a moment to moment level 24 Hours/365 Days per year without challenging my most limiting beliefs and attitudes.

Until I realized  after a few years of suffering that what I was thinking and telling myself on the inside was the single most determining factor of what will motivate me first and then consequently on what I would take action afterward.

I had a very distinct moment of experience where I deeply felt the impact of the thought “I can’t get better – because of this … or … that.”

Everytime I baught into these thoughts limited myself and turned into a victim.

Just do the experiment and see for yourself how that thought feels. Right now. Tell yourself that you can’t get better. And see how that will make you feel.

It’s really profound to look at this honestly. Really do it now…

Be the cause for change and possibility in your own life

When I realized the power of the thought pattern “I can get better through this and that…” I started to perceive myself as being the cause for change.

I was starting to take response ability on a mental and emotional level for the solutions that I needed to apply.

Just see for yourself how this thought pattern creates a feeling tone and motivation in your body that will propel you towards action.

This attitude and feeling tone really opens up all the possibilities of space that are so very much needed for healing and growth. Really.

The Key for healing Hashimoto’s: connect your Thinking, Feeling and Doing

It just hit me how much better thought patterns based on “I can…” FELT and it literally brought tears to my eyes when I started to understand it.

Really. It was a deeply liberating moment in my life.

I directly experienced how my own thoughts were the cause letting hope and possibility arise in my own life. It was so incredibly self-empowering.

With that feeling of hope in my heart I got so excited.

I literally could feel how my body and heart opened up on a deeper level and somehow I knew that anything I will put my mind and heart into is was possible.

How you are creating your own Reality

So – if you truly want to heal it starts from the inside towards the outside.

It’s just cause and effect. Your thoughts shape your feelings and your feelings will shape your actions.

So really – pay attention to your thoughts. You can heal, create and develop towards what you wish for.

Now – don’t forget this on a moment to moment level and go for it.

But I have to be honest It takes practice and determination.

Please get on a mental Diet alongside whatever Diet that you are on!

These days I am deeply convinced that your thoughts are even more important then your diet if you want to get your Hashimoto’s into remission.


Of course, still it pays off to stay away from diary, gluten, and carbs 😉 it’s just cause and effect.  But I believe that it is so much harder to do it happily if you don’t focus on the possibilities first.

Your mind and motivation is the single most determining factor if any interventions will get results or not, whether that’s a change of diet, a gut healing protocol or an intense deep metabolic detox.

Accelerate Healing, Growth, and Change

Catch yourself when you think this… “I can’t get better.” or “I can’t feel better.”

Catch these thoughts straight away and change them to “I can get better – And yes, of course, it’s possible!”.

Your mental and emotional diet is the basis for getting on a good physical one.

When you are mastering this just marvel at how your self-healing journey will accelerate and unfold  beyond anything you thought would be possible.

I hope you liked this article and it opened up your mind to the possibilities in regards to getting your Hashimoto’s into remission.

Always focus on what you can do!

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Meet the Author

Matt Dippl

Matt Dippl, BHSc IFM is a passionate Hashimoto´s Researcher, Functional Medicine Advocate and Biohacker. In 2012 Matt got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a complex autoimmune disease. After applying cutting-edge Functional Medicine strategies he became symptom-free. Matt has a Health Science degree from the University of Technology in Sydney and lives in Munich, Germany with his wife Tiffany.

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