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Free Hashimoto’s Health Coaching Calls

Via this page, you get the opportunity to connect with me. Get a free Hashimoto’s Health Coaching Call. When I had my worst days of sickness I would have loved the opportunity to talk to someone who gets me.

(Value 97 EUR)
1 on 1 Call
MP3 Recording of Call
Video Recording of Call
Accountability List
Mindmap of Call
Email Follow Up
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Gain clarity, hope, and inspiration through a free Hashimoto’s Health Coaching Call

I would have loved to talk to a Hashimoto’s health coach after my diagnosis in 2013.

Because of this, I have created an offer that I can not find anywhere else on the internet so far.

Here are the benefits for you:

  • Connect with a likeminded Hashimoto’s patient who got into remission
  • Identify the biggest challenge in your healing journey
  • Talk to someone who understands your fears, hopes, and challenges.
  • Learn the essential capability model that will enable you to learn any new behavior
  • Walk away from our call hopeful, energized, and motivated

Please take me up on this offer. I am here to help you and to inspire you to go on your own hero’s journey.

I can’t wait to see you getting better, healthier and more positive.

Yours in health,

Matt Dippl, BHSc


“Matt is a really progressive health professional with a refreshing and scientific approach to wellness. Biohacker extraordinaire!” ― David Elliott, Managing Director at Agile Digital, Canberra, ACT, Australia


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We Have Been Featured In & Presented At