Hanging Exercises for Your Shoulder, Neck and Thyroid Health

Hanging exercises are a great way to slowly build up your grip, shoulder and neck strength. I personally believe that many folks with Hashimoto’s have some issues in their cervical spine. I worked with a chiropractor to even out many issues in my neck. The exercise below has helped a lot as well.

Another great video from Ido Portal for you

I personally think that it’s very beneficial for folks with Hashimoto’s to do some daily hanging exercises to improve their overall strength in the upper body. Check out the video below and give it a try. Start slowly though…


Are postural Imbalances a contributing factor for your impaired Thyroid Function?

I got into these exercises due to the great reputation that Ido has in the natural movement world.

My hypothesis is that neck injuries and postural imbalances in the upper part of the body might add more stress to the neck area in the front and back and hence influence thyroid function.

It’s a hypothesis I have – but it’s hard to prove.

Stress, Pain, and Depression

In general though, I think the better you feel, and the more freedom of movement without pain you have in your neck the healthier and happier you will be.

I had times of lot’s of strong inflammation and pain in my neck, back and wrists. Due to the constant presence of pain in my daily life I felt quite down and overly challenged.

So since all of this pain disappeared through targeted exercises, anti-inflammatory foods and supplements I feel so much more happy and upbeat.

Neck Trauma and Hashimoto’s Disease

When I was 16 I had a motorbike accident and suffered from a severe neck trauma. Without a doubt this could have had an impact on the thyroid gland as well.

Since the accident I often suffered from neck problems and Ido’s exercise really shifted a lot of the tension for me.

If the tissue in your neck area get’s more relaxed there will be better blood flow to your thyroid gland hence it’s function could heal and improve.

Join in the conversation!

Have you suffered from a neck trauma and do you see a correlation to your thyroid function?

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Matt Dippl, BHSc IFM is a passionate Hashimoto´s Researcher, Functional Medicine Advocate and Biohacker. In 2012 Matt got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a complex autoimmune disease. After applying cutting-edge Functional Medicine strategies he became symptom-free. Matt has a Health Science degree from the University of Technology in Sydney and lives in Munich, Germany with his wife Tiffany.

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