Your Free 20 Minute Consult…

What we can cover in Your Skype consult…

  • giving you the opportunity to connect with a likeminded Hashimoto’s patient who has been there
  • finding the optimum nutritional approach for your current stage of Hashimoto’s treatment
  • developing strategies, tactics and tips from the 6 Steps to Remission Report
  • ordering of advanced nutrigenomic and functional medicine tests to track your physiology
  • giving you access to world-class medicine grade nutritional supplements in Europe, the US and Australia
  • choosing the right exercise style for you to improve your energy levels

Before we meet please fill out a short Survey for me

You will find the survey HERE (takes under 3 minutes…) I look forward to hearing your story!

Talk to you soon,





Matt Dippl, BHSc IFM

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