[PDF] How to CREATE a Design Thinking based Empathy Map!

Empathy mapping is one of my favorite activities as a digital marketer and creative strategist. Are you aware that 70% of marketers fail to identify consumers real pains and needs? To avoid that apply a human skill – empathy. The market will reward you!

“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” @WisePerson
  1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
    synonyms: affinity with, rapport with, sympathy with, understanding of, sensitivity towards, sensibility to, identification with, awareness of, fellowship with, fellow feeling for, like-mindedness, togetherness, closeness to;

    informal chemistry
    “what is really important about learning a language is learning empathy for another culture.”

What is an empathy map used for?

An empathy map is a beautiful low tech approach to deeply getting in touch with the life, experience, and environment of your target audience.

The task is first to define the ideal customer for your product or service:

  • First of all, what do we know?
  • What do we think we know?
  • And then finally, what do we need to know?

All of these are very different…

And lastly you can use the insights gained for:

  • Creating customer profiles
  • Developing value propositions
  • Identifying communication channels

All of this work really needs to be done before any big wig agencies come up with clever and expensive website designs, huge traffic generation campaigns or technical conversion funnels…

Why Do I need an Empathy Map for my Marketing?

When you know, not assume btw, the reality in which your target customer lives in, it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier to communicate to him.

On top of it, it might deeply inform you which channel is the most appropriate to market to him from.

So the insights from an empathy map are really priceless in regards to planning your marketing strategy!

In the end, you will avoid:

  • Lower ad spend on avoiding the wrong marketing channels
  • Saved money on web agencies badly designing UX and websites
  • Building the wrong products or services no one really needs

Instead, you will have:

  • The possibility to build up a reality-based empathetic relationship with your customers
  • Be proud of your products and services because they matter
  • Higher sales conversions because you “just get” the customer

Here is a simple Design Thinking Empathy Map Example for you…

Can you see how all of this data can be useful? The simple example here is from a person that wants to buy a TV.

You can easily draw an empathy map on a whiteboard and then just use sticky notes with different colors to go through the exercise.

These resources should set you up to get going. Enjoy the process!

Another great example of Empathy Mapping well done

Download Your Empathy mapping PDF

Here you can download the original Empathy Mapping Canvas from Gamestorming

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