Great Men Series: Dr. Gilbert N. Ling

The inaugural episode from the “On the Back of a Tiger” series, profiling the life and work of unsung heroes of science and their battles with the establishment. This episode is about Dr. Gilbert N. Ling.

The Accomplishments of Dr. Gilbert N. Ling

Decades ago, Gilbert singlehandedly devised an alternate theory of the living cell, answering the glaring questions of the standard model. We can also thank him for intracellular electrodes and inspiring the inventor of the MRI.

Gilbert passed away in November just short of his 100th birthday. His uncompromising questioning of the status quo has kept us motivated over the years. We hope you’re inspired by his story too.


Writing, Producing, Direction, Photography, and Editing
Brad Abrahams & Jeremy Stuart

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Meet the Author

Matt Dippl

Matt Dippl, is a passionate biohacker, communicator, and storyteller. To execute great ideas the world needs great teams. And for great teams, great human beings are needed, that are purpose-driven and self-empowered. It’s Matt's passion to help knowledge workers finding their inner strength, resilience, and purpose.