Dave Asprey Biohacker Extraordinaire: a rising star of the Knowledge Economy

No one has done more for the DIY health creation and Biohacking tribe as Dave Asprey Biohacker extraordinaire. What many folks don’t know Dave had Hashimoto’s as well and got it into remission. Dave is a leading biohacker right now alongside other greats like Tim Ferriss.

Dave Asprey Biohacker Extraordinaire and the global Biohacking Movement

The term of “Biohacking” is getting more and more hyped up in the online health and blogging  sphere. Dave Asprey from the BulletproofExecutive.com is the most known one.

What the hell is a “Biohacker” and who coined the term anyway you might ask?

Biohackers: The old and the New

Let’s start at the beginning… Well first of all I think biohackers existed since the beginning of mankind throughout all ages.

They were the healers, the shamans and the doctors of old. These guys were the far out magicians living on the fringes of society seeking knowledge through far out self experimentation.

The 21st century Biohacker

These days you can find a biohacker on wall street popping provigil, in a start-up drinking bulletproof coffee or in Napa valley at a high end 10 star kitchen cooking the perfect steak.

Even here in Munich, where I am holding my workshops, the Biohacking meme is known to some degree. Especially in high end tech start-ups, innovation hubs and hipster coffee companies.

Biohacking, Health and Excellence

These days men of many diverse backgrounds are embracing biohacking to get an edge. And I really get why.

My theory is that all great men (and woman of course) with a big vision and hunger for life intuitively know that health is essential to achieve one’s dreams, goals and visions.

Pursuing and protecting health is a timeless ethos amongst men and woman of excellence. Amongst leaders, innovators and influencers health it is the basis for all great accomplishments.

The Biohacker as the Alpha in the Knowledge Economy

So let’s start with this rather challenging statement… The biohacker is the natural leader amongst men due to his superior brain function, sound health and mental capacity to process information.

In fact, he often can be found to be the alpha amongst a group or tribe. Why is that?

A Biohacker is able to to tweak his own body and brain to such a high degree that he can successfully handle all the major challenges and stressors of 21st century living and thus is an able leader.

Through self experimentation he gains true self knowledge and thus empowers himself.

Brain Function in the 21st Century Knowledge Economy

And here is the most important part in the context of 21st century living: he gained self knowledge in the context of managing the major health pitfalls of living and working in digital knowledge economy.

He understands that a healthy body will lead to a healthy brain. And he understands that his brain function is greatly dependend on his daily lifestyle choinces in regards to food, exercise and sleeping patterns.

He understands that without good brain function he will not be able to excel in the 21st century.

We are currently experiencing rapid economic growth due to fast paced innovation and scaled automation in the internet based knowledge economy. It takes awareness, sharp thinking and a balances brain to participate in a creative way.

The biohacker get’s this concept and hence is fully aware that if he wants to keep up he needs to adapt in an exceedingly fast paced and always changing environment.

The Skills and Qualities a Biohacker aims to develop

To succeed in this environment the biohacker understands that he needs superior brain function, on demand productivity and task focus and high level data/knowledge processing. He understands that peak brain function and on demand creativity is not possible without overall body health.

The brain is not separated from his body. Overall body health will ensure that the brain is healthy.

He strives to achieve and to maintain a higher state of functioning in a variety of conditions and situations. At home, at play and at work. In the same way as the internet is connected globally as an interdependent organism the body functions in the same way.

The body is an organ systems network that aims at creating high intracellular energy through being in an ex is constantly adopting to the outer environment. This is the way a Biohacker sees his physiology.

The Skillset of a Biohacker in the 21st Century

The wide and deep studies of a biohacker in the 21st century include the mastery of a variety of skills and topics:

  • Low inflammatory style cooking to create longevity and optimal tissue healing and regeneration
  • Easy nutritious meal prep at home with foresight, planning and acknowledgement of personal needs
  • Hormone regulation through applying smart nutrition and exercise tactics
  • Sleep hacking to ensure a high level of brain function via fast tracked rest and recovery
  • Brainhacks to boost mental abolity of creativity, task execution and learning
  • Detoxification strategies to excrete environmental toxins, heavy metals and metabolic waste
  • Gut healing skills to ensure optimal digestion and absorbtion of nutrients

Welcome to the art and science of Biohacking. It’s going to be an exciting ride for you to discover the hacks you need to master the health of your body and brain.

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Matt Dippl

Matt Dippl, BHSc is a Health Influencer, Biohacking Coach and Innovation Hacker. In 2012 Matt got diagnosed with a complex autoimmune disease. After applying cutting-edge Functional Medicine strategies and tactics he became symptom-free. Matt has a Health Science degree from the University of Technology in Sydney and lives in Munich, Germany, with his wife Tiffany and son Max.

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