Strategic Consulting for Problem Solving and Results

Please read this carefully. On this page, you can contact me either via booking a consult over Skype or via sending me a message to my email.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”Peter Drucker

My expertise as a digital marketing all-rounder:

  • Value Proposition Design
  • Storytelling via the 5 Steps Hero’s journey
  • Copywriting for emails, content and sales letters
  • SEO on-page optimization 
  • WordPress Google Analytics setup
  • UTM coding set up and campaign tracking
  • WordPress’s payment processors PayPal & Stripe
  • DIY Themes Thesis setup & configuration
  • WordPress Digital Product Sales Systems
  • Convertkit setup, Sequences & Automation
  • Digital Product launch facilitation
  • Content via WordPress
  • Instagram setup Linktree, UTM Codes & Hashtag research
  • Scheduling System setup with Calendly App
  • Webinar marketing strategy and hosting

Please make use of our scheduling system to book a free 20-minute consult.

You rock!

Matt Dippl

Matt Dippl




PS: If you want to send us “real mail”, our company mailing address is: Heßstrasse 46a, Maxvorstadt, 80708 Munich, Germany
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