Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with you as the product.

“There is nothing outside yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside yourself.” – Miyamoto Musashi

How nature co-created the greatest warrior in Japan’s history

Miyamoto Musashi, one of the greatest Samurai of feudal Japan, was a master swordsman who left a great legacy.

Nevertheless, before Musashi became a master swordsman he followed the path of a mystic under the tutelage of a realized Buddhist monk.

His own deep insight into the nature of reality culminated in the writing of the Book of the 5 Rings, (jap. 五輪書 Gorin no Sho), which is a strategy manual on swordsmanship and life.

Still, as of today it is read by warriors and business men alike all around the globe, due to its depth of philosophy, strategy and tactics covered.

Musashi’s work was deeply inspired by nature itself which he observed and merged with, while living as a recluse in the Japanese mountains.

Remaining hidden from society gave him the edge to go deep and pursue his path of mastery.

5 systematic steps to constantly go deeper during daily life…

Having been exposed to eastern philosophy for over 18 years I came up with my own take on it.

Below you will find the very process I am using daily to keep myself on the edge as a man, husband, father, and operator in business.

I trust it will serve you well to gain an edge too. Why do I apply this process in my life?

“A sharp blade can make a deep and clean cut.” and for that, it needs to be on the grindstone daily… Here you can read more about how I helped others before.

Are you up for constant and never-ending Improvement?

The following cyclical Process is based on the 5 Elements extracted from the highly practical eastern medical, military and philosophical systems.

This is the philosophy behind the Japanese mindset of Kaizen: constant and never-ending improvement.

The following 5 cycles can be applied on different levels: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly… It’s really up to you.

It’s a meta-model through which you can learn to perceive the world.

Check out if you get drawn to a specific energy below. Then we can work with this in a 1 on 1 coaching, in an intense whole day training session or a longer custom-built coaching program that fits your needs.

Here they are: the 5 Elements…

Earth: Grounding

Building a strong foundation for self-care, self-esteem and physical health is at the core of this cycle. You will learn to be solid physically during this coaching cycle. Feeling more grounded in life is the outcome.

Metal: Refinement

This cycle is about disciplining yourself getting important things in life done. You will dig deep to extract the inner gold from your depth and get the edge to cut loose dead weight. An inner pursuit of excellence will emerge.

Water: Depth

During this deep dive, we will explore your subconscious to find a new depth of being. Getting access to your abilities of introspection, retrospection, and intuition is the goal. The result: self-generated insight.

Wind: Movement

In the wind cycle, you will start looking outwards again. You will become active in setting your goals and objectives according to your mission, You stay on course drawing boundaries, executing and conquering.

Fire: Spirit

The fire cycle will bring you into the core of yourself: the heart. Love is the central theme. Fully standing in your power as a leader in your own life. You will train living from a perspective of inner power and authority.

What’s the monthly price tag for coaching?

Each cycle goes for 4 Weeks. And we will go really deep in those 4 Weeks. Make time for at least 1-2 hours per week for me.

That’s the minimum time investment from your side.

I’ll be there to help you get results, and I might be putting in extra time and energy when I see that you are on point, willing to grow.

I really want to see you succeed. For a month-long cycle I charge 797 EUR.

Going full circle over 5 months, one element after each other

A complete cycle over a period of 5 months comes at a price of 2.997 EUR.

This option is an intense transformational challenge.

To find out if we are a fit, contact me first to have a chat, then if we click you can start with a cycle of your choice related to the 5 Elements above.

So you will get used to the style of working with this approach before you commit to the 5 months of intense training, going for a full circle.

You pay me 50% upfront, 50% after completion of your cycle. So we both have skin in the game to be fully committed.

Here’s my guarantee to you

I offer a complete refund at the end of the month if you find there was no real value in the coaching for you.

Why do I do this? Well, it keeps me on my edge. All the risk is on me. And I am the master of my own fate. I am at cause, not at effect.

And in this way there can’t be any grudges between us if we are not a fit. And yes, I offer monthly installment plans too.

And remember: boys are born, men are made

If you want a no-nonsense approach to growth, this integrated 5-Step cyclical approach covering biological, emotional and mental aspects, will get you results.

The worlds need good men, always has been like that, and always will be like this.

Let’s see if we are a fit and if I can give you an edge. Contact me for a conversation that might change your life.

If you don’t ask, you won’t know… so be the man and reach out if you got something to fix on the inside or outside!

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