Brain Enhancement: 3 Biohacks to boost your Brainpower

Are you interested in brain enhancement? Recently I successfully implemented 3 simple Biohacks to get my brain sharp, awake and focused. Below the proof of my recent exam… 100% (top of class)

Interested to boost Your Brainpower while studying and become top of the class?

I recently have started a 6 month education program at the Wildner AG München in the area of web development, online marketing and web content creation.

In the case that you are a student, of any sorts… maybe even of life – like I am, and you are struggling right now to keep you mind focused for longer periods of time during an information uptake phase this article is for you.

Brain Enhancement: Better results in knowledge work

You see web dev and coding It´s totally detail orientated knowledge work with a drastic learning curve. I have been spending 8 hours a day in the classroom and on my way home I still ahve energy to follow through with my other commitments.

It´s intense to have a study load like that alongside my other commitments of family, friends and business… but I totally love it.

Below I will share with you my 3 top biohacks through which I am ensuring a high information uptake ability in the morning, a stable ability to focus until lunch time and especially, how I am avoiding the post lunch time energy dip that would totally de-rail my study success in the afternoon.

How to drastically improve your brain power in the classroom (or boardroom – the same rules apply)

It was a dream of mine to get deeper into the field of online publishing, web development and overall knowledge work already since building my first business website for my integrative Chinese medicine clinic in Australia back in 2008. Now – finally 9 years after I am back at school. And you know what? Here is the kicker…I am really enjoying it.

And why am I enjoying it? Because I am learning at a steady pace due to my improved brain function. I feel very fortunate that due to a serious illness that I got diagnosed with in 2012 I learned some of the best health creating strategies that are available to us as of today.

When I remember my time back at university my brain was not as switched on. It felt more like a dim light with a total lack of brightness. If I would have known the very biohacks that I am going to share with you below  I am pretty confident that I´d would have been a straight A´s student.

Your ability to study and focus depends as much on your body as it depends on your brain

The reasons why I wasn’t a straight A´s student then was mainly a consequence of my personal lifestyle and nutritional choices on a daily level. Both of these impacted my overall body health at such a degree that it lowered my brain function to study effectively.

When I went to University in Sydney, Australia I had not understood yet that my brain function and overall body health was intimately connected. To separate body health from mental health is one of the biggest blunders of the medical establishment in the 21st century.

Here is the kicker: your physical health greatly depends on your daily lifestyle habits of sleep, nutrition and exercise. If these factors are optimized consciously and with skill your overall brain function and ability to study will dramatically improve.

These days I understand how my daily nutritional choices and exercise commitments affect my study outcomes. And precisely because of that – I thoroughly enjoying studying. And on top of that I am a fast learner too. When you learn fast it becomes fun to study.

There is a reason why sports, like rowing, are such a huge part of ivy league study institutions. A healthy and strong body will create a healthy and strong brain. I am getting very short daily workouts done on I really enjoy it – check it out it will take you 5-10 minutes a day.

Apart from daily sports here a 3 core biohacks that you can use from today onwards to dramatically improve your ability for fast information uptake and improved brain function during study periods.

Biohack 1: Fast in the morning and enjoy a few cups of Bulletproof coffee

Why fasting? Fasting gives your digestive system a rest and all the available energy will be going to your brain. So be prepared for a jolt of mental clarity while coming off your carbohydrate loaded breakfasts and switching to bulletproof coffee.

When you are in fasting mode the body will draw energy from fats instead of sugars. So adding high quality fats to your coffee is a great hack to give your brain energy in the form of ketones. I am using Dave Asprey´s recipe for Bulletproof coffee. So I am adding butter and MCT oil to my coffee. Below is his recipe…

Another benefit of the fats is that it will slow down the uptake of caffeine. So you will avoid the caffeine jitters on this recipe. Caffeine is one of the best natural nootropics on the planet and people all around the whole world appreciate the dopaminergic effects of coffee.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that will make you engaged and motivated to learn. So this is why you will find coffee shops all around Universities and students hanging out there all day. They make one mistake though… they add milk which contains lactose, a sugar ( it ends with an -ose) and this again will influence your insulin levels to some degree.

One of the biggest mistake that I made while studying was to start having a huge carbohydrate breakfast before University. I had a porridge with nuts and fruit… Not good.

Carbohydrates and sugar will let your insulin spike massively and when it comes crashing down you will feel really tired. I often experienced this about half way into my first morning lecture at University. I nearly went to sleep while the girls who did not have time to eat breakfast where all wide awake and getting great marks…

Biohack 2: Stick to Healthy fats, vegetables and protein for lunch while avoiding carbohydrates

After my course lessons I often went to the local Doner shop with my study mates. It came well recommended for it´s fresh salads and meats.

I was an anomaly there though because I always got a “custom” order. I ordered my doner in a box without any sauce and bread. In this way I ensured I´d only get protein (from the meat) and a salad. Often the sauces all full of additives and are dairy based. Both of which I stay clear of.

Your Lunch: Protein, Salad and no Gluten

To keep my insulin levels low at lunch time I aim to keep my carbohydrate intake at zero and instead give my body foods that are nutrient dense: protein, fats and vegetables. If I´d have a coca cola alongside the doner bread it´s very likely that I´d get quite tired.

Both of these foods would dramatically raise my blood sugar levels, leading to a massive insulin spike and hence lead to uneven blood sugar levels and tiredness in the afternoon.

Biohack 3: Kick the gluten habit to further improve brain function

Next time check out what your colleagues are having for lunch and see if it correlates with the amounts of carbohydrates that they have been consuming. Whenever I went out for lunch while studying in Sydney I´d visit a Chinese noodle house. They made super delicious wheat noodles and after I had a bowl of them for lunch my afternoon classes would be total napping time. I´d be gone.

Many years later I figured out that I have a sensitivity to gluten and wheat and hence I made an effort to stay off these foods. Since then my brain function in the afternoon is as good as in the morning. As a result after lunch I am still getting a boost of mental clarity and I can easily deal with a few more hours of highly focused studying.

Dominate in the 21st Century Knowledge economy through Brain Enhancement

And here is another fact for you. Your brain health will greatly influence on how well you will be doing in the 21st century knowledge economy. We are now living in an internet dominated age and a fully functioning neo-cortex will ensure that your creativity, task focus and ability to execute is there.

Never has knowledge been so freely available through the power of the internet and many economic opportunities arise from this. Nevertheless, at the same time it requires a very specific skillset to deal with the fast changing technologies, platforms and systems that enable it all.

When you live a lifestyle that is inflammatory to your body and brain (via eating too much sugar, consuming unhealthy fats and high gluten intake) it will lower your brain function to a great degree.

So hopefully you can see from this why brainhealth is so crucial in the 21st century and how my 3 nutritional strategies will enable improved brain function and information uptake. And consider this without health you have nothing:

“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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Meet the Author

Matt Dippl

Matt Dippl, BHSc IFM is a passionate Hashimoto´s Researcher, Functional Medicine Advocate and Biohacker. In 2012 Matt got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a complex autoimmune disease. After applying cutting-edge Functional Medicine strategies he became symptom-free. Matt has a Health Science degree from the University of Technology in Sydney and lives in Munich, Germany with his wife Tiffany.

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    Thank you Matt! I will try it!

    • Thanks for dropping by Sean. Keep me posted on how you are going. Best of luck with your studies.

  • Sean Obenhack

    Which coffee do you use, Matt?

    • At times I enjoy Dave´s Bulletproof Coffee beands. They are really great quality. You have to grind them though, hence the fresh taste, and they are not the cheapest. At least try them some time to get a benchmark what good coffee beands can do. 😉

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