Quantified Self Biohacking talk in Amsterdam

Biohacking Quantified Self talk in Amsterdam with Matt Dippl, BHSc IFM. Due to the invitation from Maarten de Braber at Quantified Self (QS) Amsterdam, I could present on biohacking, self-tracking and Functional medicine in the beginning of June 2013.

Timothy Ferriss, Biohacking and The Quantified Self Movement

I got aware of the QS movement through the work of Timothy Ferriss who wrote the 4 Hour Body.

Tim is a highly accomplished biohacker who used extensive lab work ups to track his own physiology and overall performance.

Around the same time while living in Amsterdam I actually was able to hunt Tim down at the The Next Web Conference and talk with him for a few minutes. Feel free to read my article on how to meet Tim Ferriss.

Self Tracking to monitor Your Health

I am a strong supporter of the QS movement in which self-tracking is a major methodology to track progress or quantify change in different areas of your life.

Having been involved in the health industry since 2001 and getting more into self-tracking myself, I really enjoyed presenting at QS Amsterdam.

It was a very interesting and open crowd that valued what I had to share.

Biohacking Quantified Self & Functional Diagnostics

My personal interest at that time was in the area of Functional Diagnostics and this was one part of my presentation.

Functional Diagnostics is a more advanced form to track one’s physiology through specific laboratory tests. These can be done from blood, hair, saliva or even stool.

These tests especially come in handy in one’s own experiments in regards to trying different diets, supplements and exercise approaches.

Quantified Self Biohacking

Matt speaking at Quantified Self Amsterdam about quantified self, biohacking and functional medicine. It was a fantastic crowd. A big thanks to Maarten de Braber.

Tracking my own Biomarkers and discovering serious Disease

Through Biomarker tracking I actually discovered that I had a serious autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s.

For many years some doctors that I saw for regular yearly check-ups did unfortunately not discover it. You basically will not find what you don’t look for.

The major metrics I tracked during my recovery journey was general blood chemistry in regards to hematology, biochemistry, specific hormones and inflammatory markers.

The data gathered I used while getting treatment from different functional medicine docs in Australia, Europe and the US. The more complex a disease or condition is the more important Biomarker tracking becomes.

“You can’t effectively Manage what you can’t Measure” – Peter Drucker

Why is tracking so important you may ask? Actually, Peter Drucker says it well: “You can’t effectively manage what you can’t measure.” I think these are very wise words.

I am a firm believer in personalized medicine and tracking biomarkers will get more and more important in the future in preventative medicine and in the treatment of chronic disease.

Anyone who seriously wants to prevent disease or manage a chronic condition needs very specific biomarkers checked quite regularly.

Assess your Risk, check your Performance and Prevent disease

If you want to get tests done to assess your overall health, check your Performance or even for some Risk Analysis I am happy to point you in the right direction.

Here the video from the night

Matt Dippl – Biohacking – QSAMS #8 from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

What are you tracking? Leave me a comment below.

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Meet the Author

Matt Dippl

Matt Dippl, BHSc IFM is a passionate Hashimoto´s Researcher, Functional Medicine Advocate and Biohacker. In 2012 Matt got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a complex autoimmune disease. After applying cutting-edge Functional Medicine strategies he became symptom-free. Matt has a Health Science degree from the University of Technology in Sydney and lives in Munich, Germany with his wife Tiffany.

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  • Thanks for your post vkool. Good point. I totally agree with you. Self driven introspection and self experimentation are a key to self realization. This is why I enjoy QS so much. Poeple are totally into exploring their own reality.

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