Biohacking Workshops and Meetups in Munich

Biohacking Munich: Do you have an interest to learn more about cutting edge Biohacking tactics to dramatically boost your overall health, brain health and cellular energy?

Biohacking Munich Matt Dippl

Biohacking Munich: This is me presenting a Biohacking workshop at Quantified Self Amsterdam in 2013. I was talking about functional medicine, brain optimization and biomarker tracking.

Biohacking Munich: Boosting your Brain Health in the 21st Century

I am hosting online and offline based Workshops in the Munich area to share what I have learned from some of the brightest people in medicine in the 2st century. In the beginning of 2017 I will host the first #Brainpower! Biohacking 101 Workshop in Munich.

This is what I am currently doing: I am building a community of health leaders, functional medicine early adopters and self experimenting nutrition geeks  with the to aim to inject holism into healthcare. To ensure to be a part of this community get on the Biohacking 101 Newsletter below at the end of the post!

What you will learn in the Workshop

1. The Biohacking Context

  • Finding Health in the 21st Century: My story of hacking my own Body, Brain & Biology
  • Zombie Land: Why there are exhausted People, leaky guts & broken brains everywhere
  • 21st Century Brain challenges: the industrial, petrochemical & information age

2. The Biohacking Basics 101

  • Protecting your Body & Brain in the 21st Century – Leaky gut and sub-optimal focus
  • Focus on nutrition – Busting the major nutrition myths
  • Overcoming the burdens of the Industrial Age – Anti-Nutrients, heavy metals & detox
  • Mastering Cellular Energy – “ATP” and the mitochondria, fat as fuel & intermittent fasting
  • The Essentials – H2O, O2, CO2, protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, minerals, super-foods, sleep
  • Using Objective Data – “Test, track & tweak” subjectively & objectively

3. The 7 Steps to Hacking your Health, Brain, and Biology

  1. Hacking your Diet – Paleo, intermittent fasting, ketosis, fats vs. sugars
  2. Harmonizing your Hormones – Insulin, cortisol, thyroid and sex hormones, sleep hacks
  3. Lowering Inflammation – Gluten, grains and inflammation, Understanding the gut/brain axis
  4. Healing Your Gut – L-Glutamine, collagen, zinc, butter, coconut Oil, MCT´s, probiotic foods
  5. Detoxing Your Liver – Vitamine B12, B6 and folate, glutathione, greens and veggies
  6. Boosting Your Mitochondria – Eat, Eat, Sleep, Fast – rinse & repeat, The benefits of intermittent Fasting
  7. Managing Stress & creating meaning – Exercise, sleep, Yin/Yang, tribes and mission

What’s included?

  • 2-3 hour online or offline workshop format, handouts
  • Q&A with Matt Dippl, BHSc. IFM
  • Post workshop 1-hour individual health survey analysis
    via Skype with personalized Biohacking tips

How can I register?

There will only be 10 spots max… If you are keen: please apply here. I will only take the most interested, interesting and motivated people to join me on this one.

Please get on my Biohacking 101 Newsletter email list via signing up below to stay up to date in regards to the launch date. When you join I will invite you as well to my exclusive Biohacking 101 Facebook Group.

Who is Matt Dippl, BHSc TCM, IFM?

My passion always has been in the areas of medicine, life, and science. I hold a Bachelors degree in health science from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia in Chinese Medicine.

Later on, I dived into studying nutritional medicine, integrative and functional medicine with some of the best functional medicine practitioners in the US.

And it´s not just theoretical knowledge – I implemented what I learned  to stop an aggressive autoimmune condition to progress. What these guys taught me is how health is being created. From the inside out – step by step.

The Chinese have a saying: “Going to see a doctor when you are sick is like forging weapons when you already are at war.” I can teach you the blueprint for health creation in the 21st century as opposed to disease management.

Matt Healthy

Happy, healthy and participating in life. I owe this to the power of Functional medicine, Biohacking and the nutrigenomic revolution.

Nutrigenomic Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Biohacking

Hacking your own body to peak performance health has never been easier in the history of mankind. We truly live in exciting times.

The skills and tools that I will teach you will make you more energetic, awake and focused during the day.

All of these skills are based on the latest scientific breakthroughs in the cutting edge areas of nutrigenomic nutrition, Functional medicine, and biohacking.

Knowledge and Power in the 21st Century

All the knowledge that you need for a healthier body and brain is already openly available on the internet.

The question is… do you have it and more importantly are you implementing it at work, home and at play to get the benefit of it?

Knowledge is not power in itself – knowledge executed precisely this is true power. It is in health as it is in business.

Invest into Your Health for the Future with Biohacking Munich

Succeeding in creating a strong body with a switched on brain is a great accomplishment considering the health challenges that you are facing in the 21st century.

Stress, toxins, industrial foods, bacteria and mycotoxins just to name a few…

With a healthy body, strong brain and centered mind and heart you can thrive in business, at play, and at home with your family. According to Ralph Waldo Emmerson “Health is the first type of Health.”

Invest into your health now so you won`t need money and time to be sick later

And trust me it’s worth to put money, energy and focus into upgrading your physiology and biochemistry…

If you don’t have money and time for this now you will need much more money and time later to be sick.

I am taching this to knowledge workers today because I lost a dear friend and colleague due to a stroke. And the most painful thing is that I already saw pointers  a year ahead.

It’s seriously expensive to be sick especially when you get a chronic disease and you have to find ways not to depend on conventional sick care and pharmaceutical medicine.

Healthy people are happier and more effective

My belief is that a healthy and happy person get’s more stuff done because of balanced neurotransmitter function, overall healthy organ status and stable cellular energy production.

When you look at offices and business though you see the opposite. A lot of inboxes are overfilled, bellies are getting bigger and bosses are more agressive and grumpy.

I made it my mission to guide executives, managers, and creatives in the knowledge economy in how to hack their own body, brain & focus so they can enjoy higher levels of vitality, productivity, and overall happiness.

Foggy brains, low Productivity and Burn Out

Due to environmental toxins, uninformed dietary habits and hormonal dysregulation your brain get´s a severe beating.

Do you experience a foggy brain after your lunch break? If that’s a yes – it’s very likely due to an insulin spike or a gluten molecule crossing your blood-brain barrier…

When you start to understand the principle behind personalized nutrition and nutrigenomics you will understand why there is so much conflicting information out there about nutrition.

Your Brain and Body Health in the Knowledge Economy

In our knowledge-based economy a sharp, focused and switched on brain is a competitive advantage and a necessity. Functional Medicine, a disruptive medical technology behind biohacking, can make this happen for you. I will show you how…

So I hope to see you on the inside!

Focus on what you can do,

Matt Dippl, B.H.Sc. IFM


“Matt is a true Biohacking expert. His guidance & expertise on food, exercise routines & meditation have helped me to get in better shape, resulting in more stable energy levels, less stress & higher productivity.” – Kees van Nunen, Fire Starter at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, Netherlands

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