Do more, think deeper and live better through Biohacking

Biohacking Munich: Over the last  17 years, my passion has been to research health and longevity and it’s various strategies and tactics to achieve it. And while going on this whole journey, I even learned to become a more skilled digital marketer too!

Matt Dippl

“Making things clear and simple takes work. Being complicated and confusing is much easier.” – Dan Sullivan

Here you can see me drinking a green smoothie chocker blocks full of green goodness, vitamin B12, ground flaxseed and sunflower seeds plus a big dose of minerals and fats.

In the case, you want to be a creative and productive marketer make sure to give yourself one of these a day. Your body and brain cells will say thank you, vibrate happily and serve you well!

In the case you are thinking about hiring me as a biohacking coach, this is what I do: I can help you to go through a transformation so that in the end you can work 80% less with ease but still make 3x more income.

The Biohacking 101 Corporate Health Agency in Munich

With the Biohacking101 corporate health agency in Munich, I want to empower knowledge workers to have the health they need to create world-changing businesses and technologies. That’s my short game for the next 5-10 years.

Secondly, I envision Germany as a country in which functional medicine is available and patient-centric care will be the standard of care. That’s my long game so to say.

My mission is to change a part of the healthcare system from a sick care-based medical model to a healthcare based model. I personally believe its where I can make the most impact.

As a marketer, I will do everything I can to get to learn the tools, acquire the skills and build the network needed to bring this vision to fruition.

Already now I am enabling businesses in the health sector to use digital strategies in their daily operations to work more efficiently, and to market in a focused getting more sales.

My Big Why

In 2013 my wife participated in a tech accelerator program with an eBook publishing startup. After 18 months in, we lost a brilliant friend, co-founder and programming genius due to a stroke.

It was a total tragedy. This is one of the main reasons why I now love working with knowledge workers in the digital economy to improve their health and wellbeing.

Being an entrepreneur or knowledge worker is like peak performance sports on a mental, emotional and physical level. And I’d like to help others now to attain peak brain function and to keep it that way!

Ask better questions!

The key to a rich life is to ask better questions! And no, it’s not all about the supplements, tests, and diets that you perfectly and religiously need to take. Below are the questions I ask myself daily.

Who am I?

What do I love?

What do I feel?

Who do I want to be?

What do I want to master?

How do I want to make an impact?

The outer stuff is only about 20% of the work you need to do. The other 80% is the deep, hard and confronting inner work. Finding your love, your passion, and your vision is the big work.

Clearing and letting go of a past that is not aligned with who you want to be, and to love the new you deeply… That’s the deep work. Once this foundation is laid out the rest is easy!

The Inner and Outer Game of Biohacking

The inner game of biohacking is about your identity, your beliefs, and your associated feelings. The outer game of biohacking is based on chemistry, molecules, and science.

The truth is what you focus on becomes bigger.

You focus on health? Well, health grows…

You focus on disease? Well, you get sicker…

When we are not well we do the second bit really well. And unfortunately, we are not so skilled at focusing on health. Health is really a skill we can and need to learn!

We don’t have a lot of time…

I would have wished for a resource like this website to dig into on my worst days of ill health. I read a lot when I was going through bouts of inflammation, brain fog, and tiredness…

Due to my own challenges, I have come to understand that a new medical model is drastically needed. A model that acknowledges the needs of the person and not just drives profit.

Hashimotos Treatment Functional Medicine Approach

Solving the chronic health epidemic in all of the western developed countries is one of the biggest challenges our society is facing as of today!

Especially in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, there is still so much work to do alongside the already exciting stuff happening right now.

I am convinced that a Functional Medicine based approach can dramatically improve patient outcomes and overall care efficiency. I’d like to play my part and contribute in a meaningful way to society.

“Primum non nocere – First do no harm.” – Hippocrates

In regards to applying medicine people’s life’s, jobs and their families are at stake. I hope more doctors will contemplate this fact more deeply how far reaching their advice or treatment can be.

The 9 Step Brain Power Method

Initially, I developed the Brain Power method as a tool for myself to get my health back on track after a bout of chronic disease. It’s simple, straight forward and effective.

Because of it, I dramatically improved my brain function which greatly benefitted me in my work as a knowledge worker in the digital economy.

You don’t have to be sick to get the benefit of this method. If you are smart, you use it from today onwards to make yourself anti-fragile and resilient to change.

That’s how I use it right now and I’d advise you to do the same.

What You will get out of the Brain Power Method

The Brain Power Method is a 9 step modular evening and morning routine. It aims to dramatically increase your physical, emotional and mental health in 7 days or less.

Through this highly customizable method, you will be able to “do more, think deeper and live better” while working in the knowledge economy.

As a result, you will make more innovative decisions in your daily business operations. Through the merit of your effort, you will be able to multiply your turnover or income with less effort.

Here some proof…

In 2012 I got diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. My Thyroid function was totally out of place. On top I had an aggressive autoimmune reaction attacking my system. I really had to find solutions…

Following over the last years, I applied all my wits, courage and determination to get exceedingly well again. I used functional medicine based biohacks to reclaim my health.

Now my physiology works exceedingly well and I am able to enjoy sports daily again. I move every day, I am highly creative and I love life. I wish the same for you!

The 9 Steps of the Brain Power Method

Here are the 9 steps that I use on a daily level.

With my coachees, we identify their needs and challenges and then according to that we come up with a personalized routine.

  1. Sleep Optimization
  2. Deep Emotional Work
  3. Postural Optimization
  4. Breath Training
  5. Mindset Mastery
  6. Resilience Training
  7. Meditation Practice
  8. Nutritional Mastery
  9. Mental Models

Each of these steps offers varying strategies and tactics that I learned from experts in my last 18 years of studying, practicing and living eastern, western and functional medicine.

Above you see me training with a breathing mask to increase CO2 levels in the blood.

To me, Biohacking has been a vehicle to gather and collect the best practices from the healing arts coming from different cultures and approaches.

What my Method will do for You

These 9 steps are trained daily modular “evening” and “morning routine” that can be combined to fit with your daily needs as a knowledge worker.

Here some of the benefits:

  • Better ability to focus
  • Improved regenerative capacity during rest
  • Faster wound healing ability
  • Improved cardio endurance
  • Better brain oxygenation
  • Quick and easy fat loss

The foundation of the method lies in sleep optimization because overnight your body recovers and heals. It’s the time we rest and recharge.

One of the most powerful hacks to improve your quality of sleep is to ensure nose and belly breathing overnight. As a result, you will have better blood circulation and oxygen delivery to your organs.

As soon as the method is working your brain will be able to think faster, deeper and wider. This I think, is real agile thinking.

Why you need to apply this Method ASAP

Your brain is the most important tool in the knowledge economy. The mistake many make is that they isolate it from the body. A strong and well-trained body will create a healthy and strong brain!

The brain is not disconnected from overall body health!

Agile and hybrid thinking is one of the most precious skills you can acquire in the information. Your success and survival in the digital economy are based on a high level of brain function.

Let me help you with it!

How can You decide if I am the right Coach for you?

The decision of getting a coach needs to be coming from a place of genuine self-awareness: “Looking at my current results I’d like to do better.”

“I would like to take more responsibility and make a transition in my life.“ Once you have reached this place in your life, you are actually “coachable”.

When this happens you need to make a definite decision and commitment to work with. Helping you to find out what you truly need is my first step…

Book a Biohacking Coaching Call to find out if a Program with me is the right Decision for You.

Always focus on what you can do,

Matt Dippl, BHSc


“Matt is a true biohacking expert. His guidance and expertise in nutrition, training routines and meditation have helped me to get in better shape, leading to more stable energy levels, less stress and higher productivity”. – Kees van Nunen, Fire Starter at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Matt is a really progressive health professional with a refreshing and scientific approach to wellness. Biohacker extraordinaire!” – David Elliott, Managing Director at Agile Digital, Australia
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