Values really drive behaviour. Here are mine, with a bit of a backstory.

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – William Shakespeare

Life is an adventure, live it!

Hey, so that’s me and my dear wife Tiffany, at a “Mad Men Event” shortly after we met back 2010 in a dark and smokey night club in Canberra, Australia.

And no, it’s not a real cigarette. It’s actually a gum cigarette, the closest I could get to Don Draper style. And as you can see we hit it off nicely.

The first time we met I told her that I was running my very own integrative Chinese medicine clinic in Canberra.

After she asked me what I do for a living, I rolled with the following pitch :

“Hey, so yeah, I am fixing disrupted hormone and sleep cycles of over trained Cross-fit athlete’s through a systematic 5-Step approach of eastern and western medical science combined. 


What do you do?”

As a marketing and advertising student, Tiff was impressed with my pitch. After that, I had the foot in the door.

I had her attention, the attraction was building and the interest to find out more about whom I was as a man was increasing.

Before I was about to escalate our encounter she challenged me with this:

“Yeah, so no, actually tonight I will not stay much longer (at the club…), I am leaving very early tomorrow morning to go skiing at Mount Kościuszko with some friends from Italy.”

This usual take away tactic works well for ladies to show that they are not an easy catch. Girls love using it to make boys insecure and to test their consistency.

For me, it was clear I definitely wanted to find out more…

So, this is how it all started between us. 6 months later we got married. Today we are a solid couple for 10 years.

And we lived a hell of an adventure together so far.

We are living between 2 continents, with family in Germany and Australia.

We went through epic highs and lows together during an intense startup ride in 2014, which we mastered gracefully.

And now, we are the proud parents of our little son Max, who is nearly 2 years old.

So yeah she’s really my muse, my lover and my best friend. She even saved my life a couple of times, but this my friend is a story for another day.

So why do I tell you all this?

Well, I value family, honesty, and consistency in my life as a man.

And my home is really my castle. It’s the place in which I recharge and regroup together with trusted allies to go out conquering unknown and new frontiers.

But let’s get more into my activity in the world after a sneak peek into my hidden inner sanctum.

What else do I value?


A lot of the projects that I am involved in have some whiff of innovation about them.

My wife Tiffany, being entrepreneurial and highly creative, was the one that really turned me on to this topic 7 years ago.

Innovation keeps businesses (and long term relationships I’d say…) alive.

Being passionate about personal branding, digital communication, social media, story telling, online marketing, biohacking, and functional medicine, is an expression of how I stay on the pulse.

In 2016, I acquired a certificate as a Digital Marketing Manager getting up to speed with all things marketing in digital: SEO, SEA and basic Web Dev.

At the end of 2018, I got a certificate in Digital Business Innovation, which gave me some good training, knowledge, and processes to work with.

During the same time I have done my PSM 1, the official scrum master certification. I am deeply fascinated with the life of Jeff Sutherland, the founder of scrum.

So I can say with confidence that I am cross-functional and agile.


Throughout my whole life understanding health, wellness and medicine has been a constant driver and pursuit of excellence for myself.

Everything I do has something to do with health or healing, to some degree.

In regard to my job positions, I have always been linked to the healthcare sector.

My first job was as a sales consultant and shop manager for GNC, a global supplement retail company.

With the help of SEO and SEA, I built my own integrative Chinese medicine clinic. I was the first Chinese medicine practitioner in Canberra working alongside western doctors.

Then in 2013, the startup journey alongside my wife Tiffany initiated me deeper into the tech world.

At Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam I served high performing entrepreneurs with health and lifestyle coaching as a biohacking advisor during an intense 3-month acceleration with Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam 2013.

Then in the same year, I was invited to speak at the very first Tech Open Air conference in Berlin hosted by Nikolas Woischnik.

Right now I am channeling my cross-functional skill set into health-related projects that are meaningful, impactful and necessary to me.


In all areas of my life, I push myself to create more freedom for myself and others around me.

Often I experience freedom in a specific area of my life and then I am inspired to share my findings with others passing it on.

Automating, and optimizing processes continually, is a skill that I am fascinated by and investing time into learn more.

Setting out working in the digital economy I started to enjoy and be thankful the freedom to work from anywhere.

Now, the home office with regular work times and a well-tested routine is a type of freedom for me too.

I am a defender of freedom of speech. I think for us all to be happy we need the freedom to explore ourselves in a safe container.

Western democratic civilization really offers us that. And I am thankful for everyone who fought tooth and nail for it.

To remain free we need to have the courage to stand up to everything that wants to take it away. And this is not always comfortable.


I am a great believer in the conscious forming of identity through self-reflection and self exploration.

My inner journey of exploring a deeper and more authentic masculinity started for me in Australia.

After I read the work of the family therapist Steve Biddulph a deep inner transformation started to take shape.

His book “Manhood” deeply touched me. It’s an initiation into the sacred rules of manhood and it is a deeply life-affirming and heart-opening book.

As of today, I have not read a book in the German language that has inspired me in a similar way.

My becoming a father in 2018 changed me to the core. The dimension of time is becoming more precious.

Contemplating what legacy means to me as a man was another new piece that was emerging from becoming a father.

Having a child showed me that it’s up to me in which world my son will grow up. From this, I am drawing strength to fight for what I believe in.

I am spending a considerable amount of time amongst close and trusted male friends.

I do this to get challenged by them, to nurture them in return from my masculine core, and to explore with them what being a 21st-century man in today’s world is all about.

Spending time with male friends has been one of the most potent medicines to live with more polarity in my marriage with Tiff.


“Creating impact” is a filter that I focus on to make daily decisions in life.

When a project, product or meeting promises long term impact it will find it’s way on my “creating Impact” list.

Creating and choosing filters is an important task for me. I think it is important to live your life with filters that are guiding daily decisions.

I personally think that having filters can have a huge impact on our efficiency.

After founding and running an integrative health clinic I decided to get into digital marketing and communication, with a focus on storytelling.

Can you tell by reading this?!

Reason being, that I realized I could have a far bigger impact in the 21st-century long term, mastering communication.

Other stories about me: the warrior monk

I once landed on Chinese national TV demoing some martial arts.

Martial arts taught me a lot about ethics, focus, and discipline. It’s a great way to stay healthy and strong.

Another great experience I had in my early twenties, was being a Buddhist monk in Burma for 1 month.

It was an incredibly enriching experience. The practice of meditation and introspection is still a solid part of my life.

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