So… what about me?

Hey, on this page you get a bit of an idea of who I am as a man and what I value. I will not go into business and career so much, instead, I will start by introducing you to my wonderful wife Tiffany. The best thing that happened to me in my life…

„The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.“ – LeoTolstoy

You can find my work experience and CV here.

My values


A lot of the projects that I am involved in have some whiff of innovation about them. My wife Tiffany was the one that really turned me on to this topic. Innovation keeps businesses (and long term relationships I’d say…) alive.

Being passionate about, and being creative in the areas of personal branding, digital marketing, biohacking, and functional medicine is an expression of how I choose to contribute and innovate in our society daily.

At the end of 2018, I got a certificate in Digital Business Innovation, which gave me some good training, knowledge, and processes to work with. Design thinking and various creative thinking methods inspire my copywriting.


In all areas of my life, I push myself to create more freedom for myself and others and to protect it long term. Often I find freedom in a specific area of my life and then I am inspired to share it with others.

The way marketing automation can create more time for business owners and marketers is an incredibly interesting topic for myself. Automating, and optimizing processes continually, is a skill that I am investing a lot of time into right now.

When I started to work in the digital economy I started to enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere. Now, the home office with regular work times and a well-tested routine is a type of freedom for me too.


“Creating Impact” is a filter that I focus on to make my daily decisions in life. When a project, product or meeting promises long term impact it will find it’s way on my “Creating Impact” list. From there, to dos are easily emerging.

Creating and choosing filters is an important task for me. I think it is important to live your life with filters that are guiding me in daily decisions. I personally think that having filters can have a huge impact on our efficiency.

After founding and running an integrative health clinic I decided to get into digital marketing. Reason being that I realized I could have a bigger impact, long term, mastering communication and solving problems upstream.


Throughout my whole life understanding health, wellness and medicine have been a constant driver and pursuit for myself. Everything I do has something to do with health or medicine to some degree.

In regards to job positions, I have always been linked to the healthcare sector. As a sales consultant for GNC, then as a founder of an integrative medicine clinic and lastly as a digital marketing manager in a health.

Now I am channeling my digital marketing skills into projects that are meaningful, impactful and necessary in today’s society. Good marketing and communication can build reach fast to scale even a small company.

Interesting other stories in my life

I have been interested in the medical and healing arts and when I was 19 I decided to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2001 I immigrated to Australia to study traditional Chinese martial arts with a 5 generation master of a Shaolin/Daoist family system. I trained traditional kung fu and qigong under his guidance.

Later on, I even landed on Chinese national TV demoing some martial arts. Martial arts taught me a lot about ethics, focus, and discipline. It’s a great way to stay healthy and strong.

Another great experience I had in my early twenties was being a Buddhist monk in Burma for 1 month. It was an incredibly enriching experience. The practice of meditation still is a solid part of my life.

Biohacking, and Productivity in the Knowledge economy of the 21st Century

Having gone through my own health challenges (and even losing some friends on the way… ) I am deeply aware what challenges knowledge workers in the digital age are facing.

Being a digital marketer today and working many hours on the computer, performing intellectually challenging knowledge work while sitting or standing in a focused manner comes with its own challenges!

Deep down it really is my passion to create productive, positive and nurturing work environments in which human beings daily can do their best work to make the world a better place.

Focus on always what you can do,

Matt Dippl

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