Boys are born, men are made. Build solid skills, not just a resume…


Sir William Ossler

“An authentically empowered person is one who forgives. Forgiveness isn’t a moral issue. It is an energy dynamic. Forgiveness means you do not carry the baggage of an experience.”Gary Zukav

For the next paragraph, I’ll be bragging a bit… (I honestly have a hard time doing it, but otherwise, you won’t pay attention either so that’s why I am pushing myself to do it…). So, let’s give you some deeper insights into what I stand for.

How I am using my cross-functional skillset to “change the way we do medicine” globally…

Hey, my Name is Matt Dippl. I am a former university-educated Chinese medicine practitioner, a founder, a functional medicine Early Adopter in Europe since 2013, an Advocate for functional medicine in GermanyHost of the fxmed Accelerate LIVE! The show, a media featured Biohacker in Germany, a digital native, and content creator.

On the inside, hidden from plain view, I am a humanist, innovator, and modern-day medicine man you could say. It’s my vision to integrate the science of medicine with the art of healing on a bigger level in health care.

On the outside, you’ll see that I enjoy enabling others. Facilitating growth, community, and empowerment via a one on one or a group process really is my superpower. I love to bring out the potential in human beings!

My values are community, empowerment, and education. How do I live them?

Training, consulting, coaching, and mentoring others is my passion

I love coaching and doing training for others. As a consultant, I offer my insight, experience and time concerning various topics in digital communication, branding, and marketing to scale meaningful projects with high impact in the healthcare sector.

At times I offer myself as a friend and mentor to modern 21st-century men via a walking side by side with them during times of transition. The result of it being like a small “rite of passage” into a deeper level of manhood. Bringing the inner adult fully into gear to make the boy inside safe.

In the old times, it was the medicine men in a tribe that turned adolescents into men. The job of an adolescent is to figure out his psychology so much that he can band together with other men in a unit to make the world safer.

In case you are ending up here on my page, you might be able to relate to the concept of blind spots of which you are not aware of yet in your life, but which create considerable challenges.

What the heck are blind spots?!

OK, let me explain…

Often when there are recurring themes in your life and you seem to be hitting a wall, this is an area in which may be a blind spot is present.

So it’s an area in which you are unconsciously incompetent. You just don’t know what you don’t know, or experience, yet.

To become more competent in life you can acquire new skill sets to master the challenge’s life throws at you. If you decide to do so.

Makes sense?

One of the best strategies of getting rid of blindspots is to develop a growth mindset.

Do you have a growth mindset?

Often unconscious blind spots create a lot of internal stress. Why?

Think about it: when a challenge does not match our usual skill set we are out of our depth. We feel insecure, stressed and anxious.

People with a fixed mindset often give up during this stage. Fixed ideas about one’s identity often derail growth: “It’s just not me…”

Can you think of an area in your life in which you act in this way?

When we keep going, because we have a growth mindset, with the aim to improve our situation, we then move into a stage of conscious incompetence.

We are still not competent in mastering the challenge yet, but we have accepted the situation that we need to grow and learn.

Hence, you need to accept something first before you can change it.

Growth is always a bit uncomfortable…

When we practice, train and do our best to improve a new skillset we aim to acquire the ride of life is getting a bit bumpier, for a while.

This growth period is very challenging, because it involves uncertainty and failure, but it is a crucial part of moving towards conscious competence.

Because blind spots are so hidden from our view often we can’t understand what’s really going on!

At times it needs another human being to mirror our blind spots back to us, best with a compassionate attitude.

The result is that we can grow and move through them in a safe way.

The end state of getting a new skill set is unconscious competence. The new skillset has become a part of us and it operates out of our subconscious.

So the growth of a skillset happens in these stages:

  1. from unconscious incompetence,
  2. to conscious incompetence,
  3. to conscious competence,
  4. to unconscious competence.

Allow me to give you some pointers further down the rabbit hole…

For example, some men need to own that they are broken…

Remember To change something, first, you need to accept that it is there. Without acceptance of our own blindspot we will not be able to change it.

Next, it takes real courage to look within, to look into the mirror of your own mind and see what is there:


Doing this, as men, we might find that inside of us are some broken parts.

For some men, a burn out humbles them and brings them down to their knees, showing them that they can’t to do it all themselves.

For other men, a lack of self-love manifesting in a few kilos too much around their waste is due to a lack of purpose without a mission to live.

Or, for another man anxiety of becoming a father arises because his father was absent from his life, he does not have a father to model from.

Can you see how specific blind spots create a lot of pain in these men’s life?

Go deeper, even when it hurts…

During times like this, in which a man has the chance to go deeper, to find more meaning, men often choose to remain at the surface.

Instead of walking through the valley of tears, feeling it all when life is challenging, men often suppress their truth.

Down the pain goes, deeply into their subconscious.

It is no wonder then an ugly feeling comes up in most unexpected moments: unhappiness, tension, anxiety, or even depression.

The result: life is becoming dull, gray and meaningless. That’s the very moment when it’s time to fight for your life.

Becoming a strong, awake and integrated man

To become a strong, integrated and awake man you got to first build a healthy foundation for it. In a cyclical, and step by step fashion.

I’ve seen a fair share of suffering in my 40 years of drifting through space on this amazing rock called earth… at times it seems too crazy to be true.

Still, I do have an important message for you: it’s all good. Life can truly be immensely meaningful.

I deeply know that. And if you like, I will help you getting to this place as well, if you have the urge to go down this path.

You see this is an important point: pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

For what are you built as a man?

A body that functions well is like a good and efficient tool that serves a purpose, a mission or a great plan.

And, similar to a modern and sturdy car, you can put serious mileage on it because the frame is strong, and the motor works well and the software runs.

Looking after yourself in a structured, educated, and disciplined way is a very masculine expression of self-love.

It’s a skill set that I suggest every good man should put energy into it, and to really master it.

In the case of the man having children, especially boys, having a male role model that practices self-care and self-love is truly precious. It will set them up for a life of health and strength.

Woman and girls are so much better naturally to practice self-care due to their innately loving, nurturing and caring nature.

I feel men have a bigger challenge of learning self-care and self-nurturing.

On a level of health-coaching, I operate from the perspective of a well educated, and practised biohacker, so you’d be in safe hands.

Your body is an incredibly resilient organism, and it can take a lot of heat

I had my fair share of health challenges, but I am still alive and kicking.

I moved successfully through these physical challenges:

  • Brain fog due to systemic inflammation
  • An inflamed root canal due to bacterial infection
  • Metabolic syndrome and excess body fat
  • Burn out due to chronic stress and bad sleep
  • Nasty stomach infections and dysbiosis in the gut …

That’s just the shortlist, not to bore you with sickness and disease. Sickness is part of life and one can learn a lot from being unwell.

I moved successfully through mental/emotional challenges:

  • Anxiety due to a lack of pro-active action taking
  • Depression due to disconnection from my feelings
  • Lack of purpose due to fear of the unknown
  • Self-defeatism due to a negative thinking
  • Low self-esteem due to unhealthy relationships

In my opinion, the mind is not getting enough credit for what it actually can do: in a good, and a bad way. Our mind creates the reality we experience.

I moved successfully through career challenges:

  • Being the victim of corporate power plays due to naïveté
  • Signing up to the wrong job due to a lack of self-awareness
  • Getting into complete burn out due to a lack of self-love & self-care
  • Not being able to go into a necessary conflict due to fear
  • Holding on to grudges costing and losing connections

What we now know from the studies of epigenetics that our environment alters gene expression.

That’s why I believe nature is simply the best healer.

So you see, I had a taste of it all, I went through it.

Making mistakes is human, it lets us live life large and gives us tales to tell!

Stop lying to yourself, will you?!

You see your body and mind can adapt to a hell of a lot, if the environment is hostile, or if you are not taking good care of your inner world.

But this works only for so long…

After a while, your body-mind will make itself heard so that you have to pay attention: to introspect, to calibrate, and to initiate genuine self-care.

Otherwise: you will go down. Your body will take you off from a playing field for which you are not built for.

And that’s really a good thing

Making mistakes is manly if you learn from them to tell a tale!

You see I challenged myself in my teenage years and I did a lot of stupid things that I still wince about today.

“How could I do this to myself?” I asked myself in the past.

But today in retrospect all the trials and tribulations turned me into the man I am today.

When traveling the world in my 20s, I was reckless at times, and of course, made some of my most glorious mistakes.

Then, I was seeking a deeper truth in my 30s to clean up the mess I had created in my 20s. Still, I am battling with some flow-on effects.

And now in my 40s, it’s my vision to create my best work yet as a man operating as a coach, mentor and company founder.

Life is perfect the way it happens. Just get out of your own way. Stop judging yourself so much!

To be great you need to go deep, hacking won’t do in the long run…

Health, medicine and healing have always been the red thread that guided me throughout my life journey. And it will continue to be this way.

Hence, today in the 21st century, my friends call me a biohacker. It’s true that I am a hacker, at times.

But in truth, I love going deep. Really deep. Why? Because  all great men of history were deep.

They knew themselves. They were self-assured, reflective and introspective. That’s why they were able to bravely call the shots in life.

Because of these inner qualities, they could lead.

First, they could lead themselves, then they were leading in their families, and finally, they were called upon to lead their tribes.

And once their tribe was behind them, they started building empires and conquered territory, leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Are you ready to let yourself become a truly great man? Start with hacking your health first!

My tip: master your health so you can master your life!

To reward you for reading this far. here an invaluable offering…

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