Just another Digital Marketing & Content Guy in the Health Sector from Munich…

My name is Matt Dippl, and I am a passionate digital marketer, storyteller, and biohacker from Munich, Germany. Helping businesses, coaches and doctors in the healthcare sector to get and stay on top of their “digital game” is my passion.

Who else in Health needs help with their marketing?

First of all, I am a digital marketer with a passion for storytelling in the written and spoken word.

As a result, I am good at generating interest and sales via sharing stories that are strategically crafted to build trust.

Once these stories are created and tested, they can be shared via any platform that suits strategically: via speaking, writing, video, email, blog content, webinars or over the phone.

The result? More turnover, profit and cash flow. And, the best thing is, you do it mainly through being yourself. And as a result not only your cash flow improves, but your quality of life will improve as well.

Here I am telling you a few stories from my life how I executed what I am talking about in my own life. You will find examples how I learned to love marketing and sales. Learn more about my marketing journey here.

This is for what businesses, coaches and biohackers in the healthcare sector have hired me for in the past:

  • Overall marketing strategy and tactics
  • Personal Branding strategy and tactics
  • Value proposition design
  • Design thinking based Empathy mapping
  • Copywriting for web content, emails and sales letters
  • Digital Product launch planning
  • Operations and office digitalization
  • Community building on social
  • Consultative sales over the phone
  • Video marketing via social media
  • And many other things…

Here’s my secret in regard to sales

When I am really passionate about a product or service, because I believe and trust in its value, I will find ways to tell everyone about it who needs it – online or offline…

It’s just who I am.

The more conviction, trust and passion you have about a product or service the easier it will be for you to pitch and sell it. That’s the real secret behind selling via not selling it.

And once you package that into a true story from your life… Well, that really will create a ruckus!

But as I said, learn more about my marketing and sales journey here.

Please get in touch if you want to learn how to tell powerful stories

In the case, you have an interesting project in the healthcare sector and you want to get my take on it, feel free to reach out and contact me here.

And by the way, there are no strings attached in that first phone call. No sales pitch, no last minute offer or pressure selling.

If we resonate, we can find a way to work together on the level of consulting, per project basis or via a deal.

Authentic Storytelling with a solid approach to direct response marketing is how online biz is done in the 21st century

The world of marketing is changing. Are you up to speed?

Sales and storytelling are weaving together in well-executed online marketing seamlessly. But each on their own is not as powerful as both together!

Direct response alone without a real story is selling without a heart on steroids.

Storytelling without direct response marketing is all talk without results under the bottom line.

What matters today is, that the power of social media has totally leveled the playing field!


The small can take on the big. When the story holds, it’s authentic and it has meaning it will win in the long term – given the right sales processes are used strategically.

Truth feels good, looks good and it makes sense. Always has been, and always will be like that.

So – find your story, package it well and share it. Let me help you how:

  • Create a brand matrix to find your values
  • Identify the red thread in your story
  • Craft your story strategically
  • Commit to a cause and champion it
  • Identify who the hero is that you want to mentor
  • Document, document, document…
  • Show the way of getting there if you are not there yet
  • Share the story how you got to where you are now
  • Share the story how you created a system that got you where you are at
  • Be creative with video, audio, imagery and the written word
  • Finally, use channels and mediums that are authentic for you

Optimal Brain- and Bodyhealth with Biohacking for knowledge workers

As a side gig, I am currently helping knowledge workers in the digital economy to achieve optimal brain-, and body health so that they can work less with ease but still make double their income.

Matt Dippl Quantified Self

Here some mind-blowing benefits you will get out of my 9 Step Brainpower Biohacking approach:

  • Improved regenerative capacity during rest
  • Shorter recovery time from sports
  • Improved cardio endurance
  • Improved brain oxygenation
  • A heightened state of concentration
  • Access to a state of flow, creativity, and productivity
  • Quick and easy fat loss
  • Deeper and more restful sleep via sleep-hacking

I achieve this by teaching them the 9 Step Biohacking Brain Power Method. It’s a modular routine that can help you to improve your overall body- and brain health to have the best day ever.

The 9 Step Brain Power Method

Initially, I developed the Brain Power method as a training method for myself to get my health back on track after going through a health challenge.  It is a skill set that I have developed out of passion and deep interest.

Because of it, I greatly improved my body and brain function which greatly benefited me in my work as a knowledge worker and marketer in the digital economy.

You don’t have to be sick to get the benefit of this method. If you are smart, you use it from today onward to make yourself anti-fragile and resilient to change.

That’s how I use it right now and I’d advise you to do the same.

Why you can trust me

First of all, I walk my talk and, I can talk about my walk. I really went through my own transformation with its ups and downs. You see I know the challenges!

In 2013, I was placed, as a Biohacking Coach and Mentor, alongside top entrepreneurs of the Startup Elite at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam to help them optimize their health.

In the same year, I was the first speaker ever invited to Quantified Self Amsterdam to talk about “Biohacking” and “Mitochondrial Medicine”.

Up to this time, the topic “Biohacking” and “Functional Medicine” was not addressed at this level anywhere in Europe. This is a topic I am very passionate about.

In the same year, Nikolas Woischnik, the founder of Tech Open Air Berlin, invited me as a speaker to talk about innovation, biohacking and work-life balance.

“Matt was a great addition to the Tech Open Air Festival. His great personality and deep insights into the health and biohacking industry made his presentation absolutely outstanding. I have known Matt for many years and have awe for his personal growth and the development of his business sense. Careful, he’s out for something”. – Nikolas Woischnik, aka Mr. TOA, Founder & CEO, Tech Open Air Berlin
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