More Sales through good Storytelling, solid Technology and reliable Analytics

You want to find out why your bounce rate is high? Or you need help to set up Stripe with a form on your WordPress site? Maybe you need to install some UTM tracking codes to see where the best quality traffic is coming from?

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.“Steve Jobs

1. Who am I?

Hey, I’m Matt Dippl, a former Chinese Medicine Guy turned Tech-Savvy Digital Marketeer with a passion for sales, copywriting and good storytelling.

2. What do I do?

Well, I am getting hired by start-ups, scale-ups, or SME’s in the healthcare sector helping them to get on top of their “digital game“. This is my passion and my craft.

3. How can I help you?

I am a digital marketing all-rounder and I can help you with:

  • Value Proposition Design
  • Storytelling via the 5 Steps Hero’s journey
  • Copywriting for emails, content and sales letters
  • SEO on-page optimization 
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Creating UTM codes to track Campaigns
  • Payment processor PayPal & Stripe on WordPress
  • Digital Product launch facilitation
  • Content via WordPress
  • Scheduling System setup with Calendly App
  • Webinar marketing strategy and hosting

Below some core concepts that might be useful for you.

Are you making any one of these 3 Mistakes?

  1. Are you selling the product/service or are you selling the real benefit?
  2. Do you have the wish “to market online” but have no clue about how to track and analyze data?
  3. Are you still doing the technical implementation all by yourself?

You see well-crafted copy is the bedrock of good marketing and sales.

Good marketing always generates leads through pain but sells through the benefit. Always.

As a digital marketer with a passion for storytelling in the written and spoken word, I can spot flawed marketing communication.

Doing “some Online marketing” without a solid strategic story or not being able to look at data is a grave mistake.

Let Professionals work for you!

I know how to set up tracking, analytics systems to analyze what’s working and what’s not in regard to marketing.

Without this in place I won’t even start.

In case you are doing all the technical execution yourself I know there is not a lot of time left to get to your core business.

Don’t do it!

My advice is to let a professional handle the technical aspects so you can do what you excel at in your business: doing you, and not technology!

What should you focus on today to create good marketing?

    1. Craft a strategic vision for your sales message first
    2. Build your automated online sales machine
    3. Roll out and test content offline before you bring it online
    4. Create an effective tracking system that collects data
    5. Generate traffic via media buys, content marketing or social
    6. Increase conversions via test, track and tweak!

Your Story must come BEFORE your website!

Before you do any technical stuff, you need to create your strategic vision for crafting a compelling and authentic story.

This will be the lifeblood behind your product or service that you want to bring to market.

Don’t create or host any content before you have a strategic message! 

There is really no point… It might even hurt you in the end.

Only when you crafted the big picture and you tested the message via direct selling on a small scale, should you start to roll it all out on a tactical level.

Tactics being: content on your website, on your landing pages, your CTA offers, your email newsletters and via social channels.

Don’t talk when you have nothing to say, and don’t even think of building a website before that!

Why your message must be there before your website

This is the biggest mistake many businesses do: They have a shitty sales message that is not well crafted and not even worth to automate!

To start with the website system first, without having the lifeblood, your strategic marketing message, you are wasting time.

Your Website needs to be your best automated sales guy…

You see, the biggest innovation in online marketing is the opportunity to automate your sales message, in case it is on point and good!

You see, even a well crafted offer and positioning story can still sell via a badly executed website on a technical level.

Good tracking is Essential

Then, it’s essential that there is a technical system in place to track web traffic, behaviors and events on your site, as well as the properties which are sending the traffic.

You need data to see what is happening, and more importantly, what is working to generate sales. Only then can you truly test, track and tweak.

And the last part then?

You need to understand what the result is when you buy ads, get traffic from an influencer or hit send on an email newsletter with an offer in it…

What to do with a well crafted story

Speaking: get on podcasts, give interviews, speak at conferences
Writing: transcribe audio into text, edit to create a book
Video: put sequences from interviews on social
Email: get featured in newsletters or start one
Blogging: repurpose any of your best content again and again
Webinars: present a pitch deck and sell via webinars
Phone: implement the best converting stories in your sales scripts

Once you have put in the effort it’s time to get it out…

After crafting a strong strategic story then it is time to scale, share and automate message.

The result?

More turnover, profit and cash flow. And, the best thing is, you do it mainly through being yourself.

And as a result not only your cash flow improves, but your quality of life will improve as well.

Here’s my secret in regard to sales…

When you are really into a product or service, because you believe and trust in its value: your passion it will sell.

And on top I am sure it will be easy for you to find ways to tell everyone about it online or offline…

It’s just how it always has been. The best sales always come out of a strong conviction first.

Tip: The more conviction, trust and passion you have about a product or service the easier it will be for you to pitch and sell it.

That’s the real secret behind selling a lot via not selling at all.

Once you craft that into a true story from your life and then automate it… Well, that really will create a ruckus!

You can learn more about my marketing and sales journey here.

Marketing on steroids: storytelling with a solid approach to direct response sales

The world of marketing is changing. Are you up to speed?

Sales and storytelling are weaving together in well-executed online marketing these days, more and more.

But each on their own is not as powerful as both together!

Tip: Direct response alone without a real story behind it is selling without a heart and a crowbar. Storytelling without direct response sales is like talking about sex all night without going to bed!

What matters today is, that the power of social media has totally leveled the playing field!

If it is used with asking for an action. That’s the BIG Opportunity today…

David against Goliath…

And the best part: today the small can take on the big.

When the story holds, it’s authentic and it has meaning it then yes, it will win in the long term…

Given, the right sales processes are in place and used strategically.

Truth feels good, looks good and it makes sense. Always has been, and always will be like that. So find your story, package it well, and automate it.

Please get in touch if you want to learn how to tell powerful stories

In the case, you have an interesting project in the healthcare sector and you want to get my take on it, feel free to reach out and contact me.

And by the way, there are no strings attached in that first phone call. No sales pitch, no last-minute offer or pressure selling.

If we resonate, we can find a way to work together on the level of consulting, per-project basis or via a deal.

And yes let’s see how well I applied it…

Here I am telling you a few stories from my life how I executed what I am talking about in my own life.

You will find examples of how I learned to love marketing and sales. Read about my marketing journey here.

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