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Are you interested to learn the latest developments about the most cutting edge approaches to Hashimoto’s Treatment? Are still struggling with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog and inflammation? If yes – I am glad that you are here!

Hashimoto's Treatment Functional Medicine

Hashimoto’s Treatment with Functional Medicine in the 21st Century

My name is Matt Dippl and I am a Hashimoto’s patient, researcher and qualified healthcare practitioner experienced with Functional medicine.

On this site you will learn about Hashimoto’s treatment from a functional medicine perspective.

I have successfully brought my own Hashimoto´s Thyroiditis into remission through following a 6 Step Hashimoto’s functional medicine treatment protocol.

Reversing Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Remission is possible

It takes time to reverse autoimmunity and it is possible. I have regained my health, zest for life and happiness again.

I went from being chronically sick, tired and bedridden to full health and vitality again after exploring different treatment approaches in a time span of 3 years.

What has helped me the most to finally get my Hashimoto´s into remission was the new medical paradigm of Functional Medicine.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a disruptive medical technology that aims to revolutionize the way we will practice medicine in the 21st century.

The definition of Functional Medicine (IFM):

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

Hashimoto’s Treatment and Functional Medicine Advocacy in Europe

After having experienced the immense benefit of this great 21st century healing modality it is my mission to give back to the Hashi’s community.

I am channeling my passion and inspiration to educate people suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis around the globe.

in 2013 I was interviewed by Dr. Deanna Minnich, a top leader in the area of Functional Medicine for the Detox Summit.

I shared my story with her how I applyied functional medicine as a trailblazer, thoughtleader and biohacker in Europe.

Hashimoto's Treatment with Functional Medicine

“Matt Dippl is a one-of-a-kind, forward-thinking individual who is brilliant at bridging seemingly disparate fields into a cohesive union for maximum impact! I enjoyed interviewing him as part of The Detox Summit as a Hashimoto’s treatment expert.” – Deanna Minnich, PhD. TheDetoxSummit.com

My story of recovering my Body and Brain from autoimmune Thyroid disease

Before I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2012 I was running my own integrative medicine clinic in Canberra, Australia with a focus on sports medicine and wellness.

During this time I discovered my passion for online and content marketing. I successfully implemented digital marketing strategies to build my first business. Life was good.

After getting married to my dear wife Tiffany in 2010 we both felt on top of the world. But it would not last… I was up for a real lesson what it means to loosing one´s health.

Matt and Tiff getting married before his Hashimoto´s Diagnosis in 2012

We were not yet aware that I already was quite sick on an internal level. Tiff and I were very happy as you can see!

When I got more and more sick in 2012 my health declined greatly and I was not able to stay focused to successfully build my business further.

My ability to concentrate and remain energetic and awake during the day got less and less. Instead I became moody, irritable and tired.

My brain suffered the most: I got more and more depressed, slow minded and mentally fatigued.

This was due to increased inflammation in my body and brain.

From sick to great with Functional Medicine Diagnostics and Testing

Below a picture of me when I was very sick… I was in bedridden most of the time at this stage and I had lost lot´s of weight.

During this time my wife Tiffany worked over 14 hours a day in a start-up in Amsterdam as a co-founder and CEO. It was a very stressful time.

Matt sick

Celebrating my 34th birthday while being seriously sick with my friends. I had lost a lot of weight due to a parastic and bacterial infection.

A few months later I was flown to San Diego, California, by a close friend who helped me to get access to first class Functional medicine diagnostic testing and treatment.

I got the proper tests done so we could start treating my Hashimoto´s accordingly.

We figured out that I had a serious bacterial infection of Heliobacter Pylori that needed treatment ASAP.

On top it turned out that I had some genetic variations called SNP´s which were impacting the hormonal detoxification capacity of my liver.

The Body and Brain connection in Hashimoto’s Disease

At this time I recognized the close connection between overall body and brain health.

Due to the fact that my body was systemically sick and inflamed it became clearer why my brain suffered so much since getting unwell.

I could not keep up with friends and colleagues that had went all in with their businesses and careers.

Overcoming Brainfog through Personalized Nutrition

Often I had such severe brain fog and tiredness that I feared I’d lose everything: my family, wife and career aspirations.

After I discovered and applied functional medicine in my daily life I gradually turned my health around.

I applied advanced personalized nutritional strategies to reverse my declining overall body and brain health.

During this time I discovered Tim Ferriss´s: The 4 Hour Chef and the Hashimoto’s Diet.

Meeting Tim Ferriss

In 2013 I met Tim Ferriss at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam. Tiff and I came up with a plan to meet him at the after party.

My biggest breakthroughs came from learning to cook for myself anti-inflammatory meals free of gluten, diary, corn, soy and grains.

This nutritional approach was able to lower inflammatory markers in my body, improved my metabolism and recovered my brain function.

At this time I found a lot of great recipes in Tim´s book that were permissible in on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. You got to try his steak recipe – the best steak ever!

Matt´s signed copy of the Four Hour Chef

This is my personally signed copy of the 4 Hour Chef from Tim Ferriss.

I made Tim’s quote my mantra during my recovery from Hashimoto’s.

I set myself daily goals, tracked my blood markers religiously and followed a step by step plan that I created together with functional medicine experts from the US.

It took lot´s of self experimentation and countless visits to supportive doctors.

Functional medicine tactics and the unending positive mental and emotional support from my wife Tiff pulled me through.

Walking my talk as a Functional Medicine Early Adopter in Europe

I understand now that I am at the frontline of the functional medicine revolution in here in Europe.

Functional medicine is currently successfully disrupting the way we are practicing medicine in the 21st century.

These days I am healthy, energetic and strong again. There were times I´d thought I never get better again.

But due to my own effort, research and determination I got well again.

Matt Healthy again after treating his Hashimoto´s with Functional medicine.

Today I am well again – thanks to functional medicine, my dear wife Tiffany and great support from amazing friends and family.

To my right you can see my dear wife Tiffany, an amazing woman who never gave up in the face of the greatest adversities.

Her loving and encouraging words pulled me through in my darkest moments.

She supported me with kindness, patience and compassion all the way through. I am indebted to her that I emerged victorious in the battle with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Health Coaching, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine and Biohacking

These days I am helping various individuals with different backgrounds to get their health and lifestyle back on track.

Matt at QS Amsterdam speaking on Biohacking, Functional medicine and Hashimoto´s.

Me speaking at Quantified Self Amsterdam about Hashimoto´s, functional medicine and biomarker tracking late 2013.

Matt Dippl, B.H.Sc. IFM – Biohacker, Speaker and Coach

I learned how to hack my own biology through a personalized lifestyle medicine approach that is fully based on solid functional medicine principles.

These days I teach the very same biohacking strategies that gave me my brain health back to knowledge workers in the digital economy to protect theirs.

This is why people in the tech and start-up circles are calling me a Biohacker.

I am sharing my best strategies in the Bioahacking 101 Workshops.

I am hosting these  workshops at creative agencies, online marketing companies and other institutions in which it is being understood that success depends on an energetic and awake brain.

Matt Dippl speaking at Tech Open Air Berlin alongside Ian Ross and artist from San Francisco..

Alongside badass artist Ian Ross from San Francisco on a panel talk about Life/work balance and biohacking in a start-up environment at Tech Open Air in 2013.

In 2012 I have been speaking at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam and Quantified Self Amsterdam about Biohacking.

I was one of the first guys in Europe talking about biohacking and functional medicine in tech circles all over Europe.

Matt at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam talking on Biohahacking and Brainhealth

“Matt is a true Biohacking expert. His guidance & expertise on food, exercise routines & meditation have helped me to get in better shape, resulting in more stable energy levels, less stress & higher productivity.” – Kees van Nunen, Fire Starter at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, Netherlands

To have a healthy brain is the prerequsite to kickass execution, creativity and innovation in the fast paced digital economy.

In 2012 I was invited by Nikolas Woischnick the founder of  Tech Open Air, Europe´s biggest Tech Festival to talk about functional medicine, biohacking and brain health.

Matt spaeaking at TOA Berlin about Functional medicine, Biohacking and Brainhealth

“Matt has been an awesome addition to the Tech Open Air festival. His great personality and deep insights into the health and biohacking industry made his talk absolutely stand out. I have been knowing Matt for many years and am in awe of his personal growth and developing business acumen. Watch out, he’s onto something!” – Nikolas Woischnik, Founder & CEO, Tech Open Air Berlin, www.TOA.Berlin

If you´d like to get in touch with me you about biohacking, coaching or speaking you can book a 20 minute skype session for free in the resource section here.

Focus on what you can do,

Matt Dippl, B.H.Sc. IFM

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About the author: Matt Dippl, B.H.Sc. IFM is a passionate Hashimoto´s Researcher, Functional Medicine Advocate and Badass Biohacker. In 2012 Matt got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a complex autoimmune disease. After applying cutting-edge Functional Medicine strategies, today he is symptom-free and the autoimmune disease is in remission. You can check out his resource section Matt has a Health Science degree from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia and lives in Munich, Germany.