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Matt Dippl, Hashimoto's WarriorHey it’s Matt here. I am a health expert that can help you to dramatically improve your quality of life if you are suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis!

Of course if you have other health challenges that are related to digestive or hormonal health I cn help too. These issues are way easier to tackle then a complex condition like Hashimoto’s!

An offer you actually can’t refuse…

I would like to offer you something that you actually can’t refuse.

I would like to give you 30 minutes of my undived attention for free and teach you some of my best strategies about health and wellness.

What we will touch on:

  • Why good Mitochondrial Function is the center piece to your health and wellbeing
  • Why Stress, Blood Sugar issues and Hormone functions are interdependant
  • Learn about the dangers of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) in your diet
  • 6 Vital Lab tests you need to do so as to uncover metabolic imbalances in your body
  • Learning a cutting edge Breathing Method that will you boost cellular energy
  • 3 very easy to implement nutritional hacks to boost cellular energy levels

Time is Precious

To me time is the most precious gift you can give to someone. Hence I would like to offer it to you.

And especially when you have health challenges to spend time with someone who is willing to listen to you and is open help you to find solutions is even more precious.

Almost any health challenge will improve by applying some of the strategies above. This is due to the fact that mitochondrial dysfunction is at the heart of any degenerative health condition.

Walking the Talk

I am doing this out of pure passion to share with you cutting edge strategies that are related to boosting mitochondrial function and hence overall health.

Of course I have applied these strategies myself to get my health and wellness back after a longtime struggle with Auto Immune disease.

I can bring your body, brain and cells back to life in a step by step fashion. I have done it myself. I am walking my talk and I can truly help you.

Healing is possible…

When my health was gone due to Auto Immune disease there were times I felt hopeless, confused and totally overwhelmed. Once your health is gone life becomes a real challenge.

I was afraid to loose my job, my family and even my wife. The health challenge I went through forced me to bring out the best in me and to discover my own resourcefulness and fighting spirit.

 Tap into my Experience, Passion and Skill!

One of my martial arts teachers passed on this prcious advice that really helped me when I was literally fighting for my life:

“Being a warrior at heart does not depend on how many times you stand victorious on the battlefield – it’s about how often you get up again after you lie on the ground when you have been defeated.”

Getting your health back after you have lost it is the same. I tried many different approaches and some worked and others made me sick again.

Health arises from the Application of Knowledge and Biomarker tracking

Today I am really well, I can totally do what I love and have surplus to help others with passion, integrity and skill.

Through my own healing journey I was able to directly experience the incredible power of nutritional biochemistry, intelligent endocrinology and breathing practices like yoga and qi gong.

On top of that while applying all these different methods I learned how to monitor my progress with precise lab work and biomarker tracking through the help of smart doctors around the world.

Skill building, Confidence and Self Knowledge

First I learned different concepts and approaches to find tune mitochondrial function, then I dilligently experimented and applied them daily in my own life until I finally got results I was satisfied with.

So after having been through this experience no one can take this confidence and knowledge that comes from direct experience away from me. After having gone through my own health challenge I have become a stronger and more independent individual.

As you can see I have been in the trenches for a while, directly know the territory and I am walking my talk.

Save Time, Money and Energy

To have a guide, coach and mentor can accelerate your development and save you lot’s of time, energy and money.

To figure all this out took me many years and I wasted a lot of money on unnecessary supplements and superfoods.

I know the major pitfalls and de-tours you can end up on. These detours can cost you lot’s of money, time and energy. You don’t want to go there.

Still I don’t know everything. Medical science is such a vast topic and we are still learning everyday new things about the body.

To figure it all out on your own can be totally tiring. So take advantage of all support you can get!

30 Minutes over Skype that can change Your Health

I would like to offer you a highly focused 30 minute chat over skype to figure out what your next move should be on your healing journey.

What we will touch on:

  • Why optimized Mitochondrial Function is the center piece to health and wellbeing
  • Understanding Stress, Blood Sugar issues and basic Sex Hormone functions
  • Learn about the dangers of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) in your diet
  • 6 Vital Lab tests you need to do so as to uncover metabolic imbalances in your body
  • Learn a cutting edge Breathing Method that will you boost cellular energy
  • 3 very easy to implement nutritional hacks to boost cellular energy levels

Get to know me on a One on One Level

Our chat is a great way to get to know ech other.

And if you like we can schedule a more thorough 2 hour follow up session afterwards in which we can come up with an in depth 3 month treatment strategy for you.

The strategy will consist of very specific tactics on how to improve your health in a step by step fashion.

How it works

You will have to fill out a short survey before we catch up on skype and then I can give you my distinct and unique perspective and input.

I will hold nothing back, won’t sugar coat anything and be totally honest with you.

I don’t work with Everyone…

I am always getting a feel for a person before I decide to work with them. A person has to be coachable and needs to have an open mind and a “Can Do” attitude.

In essence every person needs to be 100% self responsible for their health. All I can do is to give pointers, ideas and a direction to investigate different avenues.

I only choose to work with committed individuals who are focused and dedicated to get their health to the next level via taking my advice to heart and to implement it.

What I want you to do now…

If you are on-board fill out the form that will pop up or contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.

I will get in touch with you to send you the survey and then we can make a time for our catch up for your 30 minute skype chat!

It’s going to be fun and very educative.

Focus on what you can do,


About Matt Dippl BHSc

Matt Dippl is a thought leader in the area of #Hashimoto’sTreatment, #BioEnergetics and #FunctionalDiagnostics.

Since 13 years he has been learning about the art and science of  #Healing. Matt got his Science degree in #Classical Chinese Medicine, #Herbal Medicine & #Acupuncture from the University of Technology in Sydney. After completing his studies he dived into learning about #BioEnergetics, #FunctionalDiagnostics and #Nutrition.

In 2012 he got diagnosed with #Hashimoto’sThyroiditis a complex Auto Immune disease and after 3 years of diligent #Research, #Work and #Application of a personalized lifestyle medicine approach he was able to bring the condition into complete remission.

He is now sharing his knowledge and experience online so as to inspire people with complicated health challenges such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to find #Hope, #Clarity and #Motivation to take their health back into their own hands.

He has been succesfully guiding and #Coaching patients on their journey to get well again after long time illness.


Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain and Thyroid Health

Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain and Thyroid Health

Above I am sharing another video from Ido Portal, an absolute movement genius. I am strongly believing that there is a strong impact of bad posture on Thyroid function. I am currently using some rehab movement prescriptions from Ido to improve my overall posture.

How a shoulder injury can influence your Neck Posture

When I was 16 I had a motorbike accident in which I suffered a severe whiplash. A year later I got myself another injury from overtrainig in martial arts training when preparing for the German National Kung Fu Championship. Both of these incidents left my neck and shoulder in a rather immobile and stiff condition. I tried many exercises over the years with moderate success though.

Entering Ido Portal…

After I discovered Ido’s work via Tim Ferriss’s Blog and got into the trenches things changed for me. Big time. His prescriptions are incredibly valueable, to the point and precise. And the best is they will get you results. Another added bonus is the great music in them. Enjoy!

Improve your Shoulder and Neck Health to improve overall Thyroid function

The above video is really good for shoulder rehab. Personally for myself my neck posture has improved a lot from these exercises. And as a result there is less strain on my neck at the front where the Thyroid gland is.


The best allround Mobility Exercise

Make Mobility part of your Daily Life and join the 30 Day Squat Challenge

If you have problems with your hips, lower back and spine the above sequence is one of the best things you can do for yourself to get back mobility, stability and flexibility in your lower body. Your waist, hips and legs are your second heart. Keeping the lower body strong and supple is an investment that will be of benefit long into the future.

Bust Stress by using the Squat Resting position

The squat is a resting position that will take pressure of your spine, lower and hips. When you have been standing for a long time or have been on your feet all day this exercise is perfect to do.Long standing can put stress on your adrenal glands. Give them a rest through this approach.

Develop whole body Power through a good Squat

A healthy spine and a mobile waist and hip will bring many health benefits. From a healthy foundation (your lower body) you can build up upper body strength that is connected to the ground. All martial arts styles that aim for longevity and whole body power, like Tai Chi for example, always emphasize the importance of a healthy waist and hip with strong legs.

The 30 Day Squat Challenge from Ido Portal

Read more about Ido’s 30 Day Challenge and read his article here.



Hanging Exercises for Hashimotos Healing Support

The 30 Day Hanging Challenge to heal your shoulders, spine and neck

Above I am sharing a great video from Ido Portal’s 30 Day Hanging Challenge. You can read more about it here. I personally think that it’s very beneficial potentially for folks with Hashimoto’s to do some daily hanging exercises. But please consult your doc before – I am not a qualified movement therapist or physio. Just as a short disclaimer. I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet.

Postural Imbalances as a contributing factor to impaired Thyroid Function

I got into these exercises due to the great reputation that Ido has in the natural movement world. My hypothesis is that neck injuries and postural imbalances in the upper part of the body could add more stress to the neck area and hence influence thyroid function. It’s an hypothesis I have but it’s hard to prove.

Stress, Pain and Depression

In general though I think the better you feel, and the more freedom of movement without pain you have in your neck the happier you will be. I had times of lot’s of inflammation and pain in my neck, back and wrists and due to the constant presence of pain in my daily life I felt down and overly challenged. So since all of this pain disappeared I feel so much more happy and upbeat.

Neck Trauma and Hashimotos

When I was 16 I had a motorbike accident and suffered from a severe neck trauma. Without a doubt this could have had an impact on the thyroid gland as well. Since the accident I often suffered from a sore neck and Ido’s exercise really shifted a lot of the tension. If the tissue in your neck area get’s more relaxed there will be better blood flow to your thyroid gland hence it’s function could heal and improve.

Join in the conversation!

Have you suffered from a neck trauma and do you see a correlation to your thyroid function?


On the Back of a Tiger

On The Back Of A Tiger: Trailer from Brad Abrahams on Vimeo.

The Film

“Authoritarians talk about protocols, but the only valid ‘protocol’ would be something like ‘perceive, think, act.’” — Raymond Peat, PhD

What if our knowledge of the building blocks of life is wrong? Do we really understand such fundamentals as water or the living cell? A group of maverick scientists weave an alternate story of life, from the molecular level to consciousness and perception. We meet a fast-growing group of health seekers who’ve adapted their diet and lifestyle (in seemingly bizarre ways) based on these theories, with dramatic results. While unconventional to the extreme, this new paradigm could forever change our understanding of aging, disease, and nutrition.

The Filmmakers

We come from the commercial production & advertising world, working as creative directors at world-renowned production company & agency Digital Kitchen.

It’s high time we use our skills for a greater good. We’re not doctors, or scientists, but we do have an insatiable thirst for scientific knowledge, and a solid grasp of the subjects covered.

Our driving force comes from family and friends with serious health conditions, and seeing the rampant dysfunction in the scientific and medical establishments. Not being indoctrinated by the system has its advantages.



Perceive, Think & Act

Find more about this incredible movie project on the PerceiveThinkAct.com website. You can make a donation to this great project here.